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Deepening Week at Humanities at the University

17 | 06 | 2022

The high school business and Humanism (IEH) is carrying out these days the Week of Deepening in Humanities, addressed to professors of the CEU Law School, Brazil. It involves experts from the University of Navarra in law, Philosophy, sociology, politics, ethics, governance, digital humanism and organisational culture, business and innovation.

The International In-depth Programme at Humanities (PIPH) is a five-day programme that focuses on the value of the person and their importance in the development professional activity. The programme complements the traditional training in specific skills and competencies, with a human and humanistic vision that serves to propose new forms and keys to action in the management of any social organisation subject .

Founded in 1986, the high school business and Humanism (IEH) is a point of meeting business, academic and professional attached to the School of Economics. Through research and teaching, and with an interdisciplinary and humanist approach , it aims to contribute to solving the problems posed by the growing complexity of our society and the growth of people in the framework of their organisations.