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27 companies unite in Navarra in a community on corporate purpose and competitiveness

CEN and the University's high school business and Humanism promote this initiative that seeks people-centered organizational change.

Photo /From left to right: Lorena Sánchez, group Tanatorios Irache; Nuria Chinchilla, IESE Business School; Alvaro Lleó, University of Navarra; Eileen Mc Neely (SHINE) Harvard University; Isabel Moreno, Ebro Territorial Director of CaixaBank; Juan Miguel Sucunza, president of CEN; María Chivite, President of the Government of Navarra; María Iraburu, president , University of Navarra; Luis Colina, President of group La Información; Iñaki Velaz, University of Navarra; Arantza Maquirriain, Conor Sports; Luis Aldaba, ISS Facility Services.

24 | 03 | 2023

The Business Confederation of Navarra (CEN) and the high school business and Humanism of the University of Navarra have presented the Community of companies "People, purpose and competitiveness" that they jointly promote since the beginning of 2022 and that already has 27 companies. The workshop, sponsored by CaixaBank, the Chair ISS of the University of Navarra and the Diario de Navarra Foundation, took place in the auditorium of CEN with the attendance of about 120 entrepreneurs and professionals.

The event was inaugurated by the President of the Government of Navarra, María Chivite; the President of CEN, Juan Miguel Sucunza; Isabel Moreno, Ebro Territorial Director of CaixaBank; and María Iraburu, president of the University of Navarra. Iraburu expressed the "satisfaction of being able to work with CEN to help companies to develop organizational models centered on people and that have a purpose that helps them to improve their competitiveness and to be more sustainable". At the same time, he highlighted the value of the research that is being developed "to seek answers to complex and relevant questions in the business field".

For his part, the President of CEN, Juan Miguel Sucunza, described the milestones of the program and stressed that "we are in the midst of a transformation that requires us to approach work in a different way. A new scenario that demands a greater capacity for innovation, a closer approach to the customer with more empathy than ever, using technology as a great ally and being responsible with our environment and the planet". In addition, Sucunza highlighted CEN's commitment to a change of organizational model focused on people.

During her speech, Isabel Moreno, Ebro Territorial Director of CaixaBank, congratulated all the companies that have decided to join the community of companies with purpose, an initiative, she said, "promoted in a very successful way by two of the most representative institutions of Navarra in their respective fields, the CEN and the University of Navarra". And he affirmed that at "CaixaBank we have a clear purpose . Our DNA has marked a unique and different way of banking, which transcends the mere mercantile relationship, and which is based on a way of working close to companies and families".

Finally, the President of the Government of Navarre, María Chivite, stated that "companies in Navarre, including industry, with its special complexity in many cases, are committed to this model of sustainable growth" and that "the purpose must be shared". "In a business, that management and workers share objectives, ways of doing things, have participatory work methods and where communication flows is fundamental to favor the achievement of these objectives", said Chivite.

Bringing more value to organizations

The keynote session was held at position by Eileen McNeely, director of the Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise (Shine) at Harvard University. In her discussion paper, she shared the main results of the research they are conducting on flourishing at work, its importance, the impact it has on organizational results, as well as the main levers for promote an organizational culture where the human flourishing of employees is enhanced.

Subsequently, Álvaro Lleó, professor at School of Economics at the University of Navarra and director of the Purpose Strenght Project, presented the research they have been conducting since 2017 on corporate purpose and its implementation in organizations. Lleó highlighted the tools they have developed to be able to evaluate, diagnose and facilitate the implementation of corporate purpose , the data observatory they are generating and the main evidence and results they have achieved so far. "The Community of companies will allow us to improve research and to develop knowledge that will bring more value to organizations," he said.

In this sense, and thanks to the observatory of data and the work carried out in the Community, they will be able to combine statistical analysis of data with research qualitative in companies that are developing their corporate purpose . In addition, Nuria Chinchilla, professor at IESE Business School and expert in leadership and Personnel Management Service, emphasized the importance of having a purpose staff and showed the keys to integrating the different dimensions of life.

A pioneering community in Spain

The workshop continued with a roundtable moderated by Iñaki Vélaz, director of high school business and Humanism, with the participation of José Luís Aldaba, director of the Northern Zone of ISS Facility Services; Arantza Maquirriain, HR and Quality Director at Conor Sports; and Lorena Sánchez, General Manager of group Tanatorios Irache.