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The University is committed to training in employability with the Essentials programme.

More than 200 students of the School of Philosophy and Letters learn about the details of the program in the first information session.

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Cristina Terroba, career manager at School Philosophy y Letras, explained to the students what the Essentials program consists of. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
17/09/20 13:46 Beatriz Diaz

"What do I want to do when I finish degree program, how do I start looking for internships, what can differentiate me from other candidates?". As a college student, it's common to ask yourself these subject questions. That's why Essentials, the new training program in employability coordinated by Career ServicesThe Essentials program is designed to help university students answer these and other questions.

Last Tuesday, September 15, more than 200 students from School of Philosophy and Letters, a pioneer in implementing the program this year, attended the first information session, both in person and via streaming, to learn about the details of Essentials.

"We are launching Essentials to respond to your demand for more training in employability. Moreover, in this School we firmly believe that there are no careers without opportunities, but that there are people with opportunities. This program is very focused on each person extracting from themselves their best skills, strengths and competencies, and exploiting and presenting them appropriately to the labor market," explained Javier Andreu, Associate Dean of the School of Philosophy y Letras.

Tina Monson, assistant director of development business of Career Services, presented the program simultaneously at another classroom. Photo: Manuel Castells

Cristina Terroba, career manager of this School, and Tina Monson, assistant director of development business Career Services, were in charge of detailing what the program consists of. The students of School will have a second opportunity to learn about it on September 29, at 2 p.m., at classroom 35 of Central Building. Registration is required for attend . in this link. Students interested in participating in Essentials should fill out this form.

What do students think about the Essentials program?


Beixi Ausín, 1st of Degree in History and of Diploma in Archaeology

Beixi Ausín"What might happen in the future makes me a little uncertain, so it's always good to have support like this program, where they prepare you and guide you through the employment opportunities. All careers have a way out, but you also have to learn to look for it yourself, it's not going to come out of nowhere. I found it very interesting and I will sign up for it".

Emilia Ferrán, 1st of the double Degree in Philology Hispánica y Periodismo

Emilia Ferrán"Essentials is a program that, by having the sessions spaced out over time and divided by course, makes it more interesting and enjoyable. The way it is structured encourages me to participate."



Pablo Aduriz, 4th of Degree at Philosophy and 3rd of Degree in Literature and Creative Writing (LEC).

Pablo Aduriz"This subject of training financial aid a lot. What has attracted my attention the most are the challenges they pose and a ranking in which we can see our evolution. That motivates us to improve.



Teresa Yanes, 1st of Degree at Philosophy

Teresa Yanes"The Essentials program seems like a very good opportunity to grow and to improve those skills that are so necessary in the working world and that make a difference."



Paola Ruiz, 5th year of the double Degree in History and Journalism

Paola Ruiz"For those of us who are about to finish the degree program, Essentials can be a very good opportunity to know where to go when you finish the programs of study. Together with the Tu&Co program, I think it can help you enhance those skills you have that you may not know or don't know how to improve."


Javier Garralda, 1st of Degree at Philosophy

Javier Garralda"I think Essentials can help me figure out what I want to do in the future. An initiative like this can come in handy when it comes to squeezing out college life and employment opportunities. I see it as completely necessary."


Sara Navaz, 4th of the Degree in History and the Diploma in Archaeology

Sara Navaz"I think Essentials is a good program for undergraduates. In the first year of degree program, you see the professional world very far away, but suddenly, one day, you're about to finish programs of study and you're not sure what to do. We 4th and 5th graders have almost one foot in the job market and, if we take advantage of this program, I think we can come out better prepared."

Paula Garrués, 4th of Degree in History

Paula Garrués"I think that participating in this program is going to be very useful to me, because it is focused on how to present ourselves to the employment opportunities. The University gives you the knowledge, but you are the one who has to know how to move in the workplace. Many of us may not know, for example, how to write a good résumé or how to face an interview".

Marta Cervantes, 5th year of the double Degree in History and Journalism

Marta Cervantes"Participating in this program is a very good opportunity to develop yourself both staff and professionally. I have done internships thanks to the guidance and management from Career Services, I have attended some of the training sessions on employability that they organize and I have always appreciated them very much. I have already experienced that daily life in the working world is very difficult, you have to differentiate yourself from many people. That's why I recommend, especially to 1st year students, to get involved in Essentials from the very beginning. The earlier the better.