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"Sustainability is a process of continuous improvement, it must be integrated into the strategy of the business"

The 'Tourism & Hospitality' Sectorial conference organized by students of Degree in Applied Management have counted with representatives of department of Tourism of the Government of Navarra and Ilunion Hotels.

FotoCedida/AnaMaría López de San Román, Sustainability Director of Ilunion Hotels, with students of Degree en management Applied Management

17 | 11 | 2022

"Sustainability is a process of continuous improvement". This was stated at the University of Navarra by Ana María López de San Román, Director of Sustainability at Ilunion Hotels, on the occasion of her participation in the conference de Sectoriales 'Tourism & Hospitality', organized by students of the Degree in management Applied Management of the University of Navarra.

Focusing on 'Sustainability as a transversal axis in the strategy of Ilunion Hotels', López de San Román began her exhibition by explaining what sustainability is, a term which, she said, "is in fashion", and which was previously known as Corporate Social Responsibility.

He explained the mission statement of Ilunion Hotels and emphasized that sustainability is the result that we obtain when we integrate this triple dimension from the strategy: environmental, social and good governance. "If it is not integrated into the strategy of business it ends up becoming a marketing tool ," he said. 

He also stressed that this concept must be adapted to the reality of each company and lived on a day-to-day basis, because "there is no point in having a sustainability plan if our people don't know about it".

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Tourism in Navarre contributes 5% of the community's GDP

Navarra, otro turismo' was the degree scroll of the other workshop Sectorial 'Tourism & Hospitality' held in November. internationalization Paz Fernández and Puy Trigueros, from the Marketing and Tourism Service of the Government of Navarra, took part in the event.

During their session, they presented some information about tourism in Navarra in the last few years, data . They recalled that it constitutes 5% of the Gross Domestic Product and that before the pandemic, Navarre registered 1.5 million visitors per year and 3 million overnight stays. 

In addition, they explained to the students how to make a tourist destination attractive, the importance of registering data, the actions they are taking to attract international tourists and showed them how the campaign 'The other footprint' was made, with which they showed a different way of getting to know Navarre leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint.