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"Standardizing processes is essential for easy adaptation of employees."

Tomás Alarcón, director Human Resources at 3P Biopharmaceuticals, gave a session to 3rd year students of Degree in management Applied Management.

FotoCedida/TomásAlarcón, during the session he gave to the students of Degree in Applied Management.

31 | 01 | 2023

"Standardizing processes is fundamental for the easy adaptation of employees". This was stated at the University of Navarra by Tomás Alarcón, director Human Resources at 3P Biopharmaceuticals, on the occasion of the session he gave to the 3rd year students of Degree in Applied Management, as part of the subject management Empresarial VI. 

During his speech, Alarcón detailed how it works and what are the objectives of a human capital department of management in a business of the international biopharmaceutical sector that, since its foundation in 2006, has grown to 350 employees. 

In this regard, he clarified that, in a process of expansion and growth such as that of 3P Biopharmaceuticals, one of the most important tasks of department Human Resources must be to determine processes that are easily scalable, "that is, that the flows, the organizational structure, the profiles, the development of the employees or the itineraries are well defined". 

Likewise, he emphasized the importance of not stagnating department in the day-to-day management assistant part, such as the management payroll, but in "being linked to the strategy of business to provide it with staff for current and future needs". To explain this, Alarcón gave the example of General Electric, which was able to change its entire executive line during a management committee and, the next morning, have all the positions covered, through succession plans and management of talent.

The importance of EVP

In his message he conveyed to the students the relevance of the company's value proposal : "The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) translates into what I give you as business that others don't give you. If we want to be well positioned, we have to do things differently. The organization's value message has to be very powerful to attract talent in a market as competitive as the biopharmaceutical industry.

He also pointed out that one of the current challenges facing companies in Spain is to deal with the high turnover rate. In Navarra, for example, it stands at 23% (report de Randstand), "which means that if you have 100 employees, 23 leave every year". Finally, Alarcón stressed that to be a good HR professional it is necessary to train continuously and to be able to identify where the advances in human capital are headed at management . 

Alarcón's testimony served the students as reference letter to take perspective and face with greater assurance the project of the second semester of the third year of Degree in management Applied Management, which deals with human resources and psychology in organizations.