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Two Biochemistry graduates from the University are ranked 16 and 52 in the biochemistry residency program

Sonia Irisarri from Estella and Cristina Arricibita from Pamplona have obtained one of the 65 vacancies offered for hospitals throughout Spain.

/Sonia Irisarri and Cristina Arricibita.

19 | 02 | 2024

Two graduates from Biochemistry of the University of Navarra have obtained place in the exam biochemistry residency program (Resident Internal Biologist). They are Sonia Irisarri Vega, from Estella, who came 16th, and Cristina Arricibita Aspurz, from Pamplona, who came 52nd. The two women from Navarra have obtained one of the 65 places on offer this year for hospitals throughout Spain, for which 1,071 students applied.

"When the Ministry published the answers and I corrected the exam, I couldn't believe it. And until the provisional lists came out, I didn't believe it at all," recalls Sonia Irisarri. "I felt joy and relief at the same time, and I thought: 'That's it, all the effortwas worth it'. The truth is that doing this was my dream since I started degree program and it had finally come true," she stresses.

The Navarre Biochemistry assures that it is a very demanding exam: "You have to do it almost perfectly". In fact, it was the third time she had taken the exam. "After the previous exams, she stopped for a couple of months and resumed studying little by little, and from September onwards she dedicated 10-12 hours a day to it. The fatigue is noticeable from one year to the next and there are many days of slumps, others when you are at your best. I always define it as an emotional roller coaster," she says.

Choose from four specialties

In total, the 65 positions offered are distributed in four specialties: Clinical Analysis, Biochemistry clinical, Immunology and Microbiology. Sonia is still not sure what she will choose: "I like all the specialties, I am more and more attracted to one every day. During these months I want to inform myself well to make the best decision. As for the destination, I would like to stay near Navarra, but I will prioritize a good training in a hospital that gives me a good feeling," she says.

Cristina Arricibita, from Pamplona, presented herself at test for the second time. "It is a very difficultcivil service examination to which I have dedicated all my time. It is a hard process, in which you go through uncertainty, nerves and fear, but it is something normal that you have to try to relativize", she emphasizes. Cristina had in her favor the fact that she really liked the syllabus of the civil service examination and it was not too hard for her to study: "I also enjoyed it". She also recognizes that after so much work, "when you see your name on the lists and see that you have obtained the place, the joy and satisfaction are enormous".

Regarding the choice of the place, he considers several options: "I really like Microbiology and I am attracted by the idea of doing it in Pamplona at the Clinic. But the truth is that I am not closed to other alternatives since I face this new stage with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement".