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Javier Rodríguez Izquierdo, 1st accredited specialization in the National Project Competition of the Hispalyt University Ceramic Forum.

The student of Degree in Architecture has managed to position himself among the 41 proposals selected for this competition.


22 | 07 | 2022

Javier Rodriguez Izquierdo, student of the Degree in programs of study of Architecture of the University of Navarra has obtained the 1st accredited specialization in the National Contest of Projects of the University Ceramic Forum Hispalyt, obtaining an economic recognition of 1000 euros. 

Specifically, Rodíguez's proposal takes place in the Baztán Valley, the Sierra de Cazorla and Cala Morell in Menorca. "The project is born from the search for the horizontality that frames the horizon so much in the landscapes. The shelter is conceived as a resting space wrapped in a purity of material that connects the visitor with the earth, as the brick is a clay material coming from it. The formal conception of the piece arises after wanting to enhance the horizontality with the characteristic slit window towards the views," explains the student.

On the back of the main façade, a void is projected as a place "that prepares the visitor in the process of arriving, crossing and being (Javier Carvajal). Inside, the central space is presided over by a large horizontal chimney wrapped in the main material that can be used flexibly depending on the location," he adds. Likewise, the construction of this shelter is modulated from the measurements of a solid brick of 12x5x24 cm under a load-bearing structure of reinforced concrete.

The goal of the contest organized by Hispalyt, association Spanish Manufacturers of Baked Clay Bricks and Roof Tiles, is to reward students from Spanish Architecture Schools, who make the design of a project in which ceramic materials are an important part of it. In this edition, the theme of the competition was to design a 9x9x9 Shelter in three different landscapes, with exposed brick facades.

A total of 41 proposals were shortlisted, which in turn had been winners and mentions in the Local Awards also organized by this association.