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Five University graduates awarded scholarships by the regional government for international internships

The United States and the United Kingdom are the countries in which the five Navarrese have chosen to train and live an experience abroad.

FotoCedidas/Thefive graduates of the University of Navarra awarded scholarships by the Government of Navarra. Above: Alejandro Pidal Martínez, Eduardo Ochoa Guindulain and Pablo Luri Martín. Below: Víctor Peñas Núñez and Almudena Bergera Mata.

24 | 03 | 2023

Automating tasks and facilitating the day-to-day work of employees, discovering how climate change affects insect populations and learning more about rare diseases are some of the projects being developed by five graduates of the University of Navarra who have received scholarships from the regional government. They have been selected to carry out internships in non-EU countries thanks to a program of training framed within the PIN 4 International Planwhich is aimed at recent graduates linked to Navarra.

Three graduates from School of Sciences(Alejandro Pidal Martínez, Pablo Luri Martín and Eduardo Ochoa Guindulain) and two from the School of Engineering(Víctor Peñas Núñez and Almudena Bergera Mata) are developing their projects in the United States and the United Kingdom, where they are working in multidisciplinary teams to improve their professional skills. Most of them are doing 6-month internships, while in the case of Eduardo Ochoa and Almudena Bergera they will be extended for a year.

Victor PeñasVíctor Peñas, graduate at Industrial Organisation Engineeringis doing an internship at department Commercial of the plant of Viscofan USA in New Jersey, USA: "I am acquiring a very deep technical knowledge in IT tools. In addition, it is very enriching to see the operation of a leading business in its market and its internationalization. I am at contact with very diverse people from many countries. Without a doubt, it is being a very complete experience".

Graduated from the same degree program as Víctor, Almudena Bergera also traveled to the United States in January to train in the business Virtual Service Operations (VSO)where she is part of a team that is developing its own software. "I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to learn in a country that is a leader in technology. Adapting to a place where everything is new is also a great challenge at staff. I am proud that the Government of Navarra decides to invest in training and the future of young people from Navarra", says the engineer.

On the other hand, Alejandro Pidal, Pablo Luri and Eduardo Ochoa graduated last year. Biochemistry last year. The first two are doing their internships in the United Kingdom and the third in the United States.

Alejandro Pidal is currently doing an internship at the research center of Microgravity of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and will travel this April, thanks to the scholarship of the Government of Navarra, to Liverpool John Moores University to explore how climate change affects the metabolism of flies, "pollinating insects crucial to our ecosystem and our Economics". "I intend to acquire new knowledge on laboratory techniques and strengthen some skills I acquired during my programs of study, such as being manager and fostering a good environment of work. Now I realize that all the effort and sacrifice pays off, because I am completing my resume with new professional experiences," she says. 

This is Pablo Luri's first experience abroad. He is learning in the Quadram Institute with Dr. Naiara Beraza on the function of the intestine and its communication with organs such as the liver: "Without a doubt, I am improving my scientific and technical knowledge. Without this scholarship I would have missed one of the experiences that will surely mark me in the coming years," he says. 

Eduardo Ochoa is currently training at the pharmaceutical company Moderna Therapeutics in Massachusetts, where he is dedicated to research on rare diseases: "This experience allows me to deepen my knowledge in laboratory techniques such as cell culture, cell transfection and other protein detection assays. I believe that living abroad for a few years is a very enriching experience in which you get to know yourself more than ever".