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"Businesses are demanding lawyers to provide legal answers to the legal questions that arise with digitization."

The University of Madrid will launch next academic year a Master's Degree in Digital Law.

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24/11/20 11:02

The School of Law will be launching a new school year 2021-22 with a new Master in Digital Law. The postgraduate program is aimed at recent law graduates, who can take it together with the Master's Degree Access to the Bar over a period of 15 months, and at young lawyers, who have some years of experience, with a duration of 12 months. 

Unlike other existing programs in Spain, the Master's Degree in Digital Law offers a training transversal of the different areas of law. "We want to train professionals to provide comprehensive advice to companies immersed in a digitalization process.. From cybersecurity, protection of data and intellectual property, but also technological contracting, taxation and M&A operations with digital assets, etc.", he assures. Jorge NovalDean of the School de Derecho. 

This Master's Degree arises from the consciousness of the digital revolution The company's business models have also changed, giving way to the emergence of new opportunities and issues. Similarly, the business models of companies have also changed, giving way to the emergence of new opportunities and problems. Counterfeiting of bank websites, contracting and taxation of technological products, outsourcing operations, protection of data in Fintech platforms, identity theft in social networks, right to oblivion and rectification or digital identity are some of the examples of the problems that have burst onto the global scene.

For all these reasons, "companies demand lawyers who are able to adapt to a constantly changing world and who can provide legal answers to the multitude of legal questions that arise from the digital irruption."Noval maintains.  

Graduates of the Master's Degree in Digital Law at the University of Navarra will be professionals who understand the language of technology, with a solid legal training and a great perspective multidisciplinary to face complex and international operations. The postgraduate program guarantees the training necessary to be able to offer legal advice to technology companies or companies in processes of innovation or digitization both by joining their law firms and by becoming part of top law firms.


One of the distinguishing elements of this Master's Degree is the partnership of the law firm Uría Menéndezwho has participated in the design of the Study program and in the academic staff, and who will help to guarantee a practical approach and a constant update of the program to the real needs of the companies.

In addition, thanks to the internal alliances with the Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence of the University and the Engineering School from the University of Navarra, students will learn how the main tools work (blockchain, big data,...) to acquire a digital language that will allow them to dialogue and understand the needs of their customers.