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student is the only Spanish student to participate in a prestigious program of the American Enterprise Institute.

Albert Vidal (IR '20) participated in the Summer Honors Program of the U.S. think tank

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PHOTO: Manuel Castells
09/07/20 09:33 Maria Fernanda Callejon

Albert Vidal, graduate of the II Promotion of International Office, participated in the Summer Honors Program of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) -a think tank specialized in public policy- held from June 1 to 5 of this year. This program is "an intensive, all-expenses-covered educational opportunity for development professionals," according to high school on its website.

Albert, interested in specializing in the Middle East region, participated in the sessions of the "Understanding the Middle East Challenge" series under the direction of Dr. Michael Rubin, researcher of the think tank expert on Middle East issues. The cohort consisted of 17 students from different countries: from the United States to Qatar. The vast majority of them came from U.S. universities, including Harvard, Vanderbilt and Columbia. Albert was the only student from a Spanish university.

Due to COVID-19, the program was developed online. Despite these adjustments, Albert recognizes that it was an enriching and special experience thanks to the expertise of trainer, the profiles of the participants and the dynamics of the course itself. "During each session, the trainer posed questions and guided the discussion among the participants. I was surprised to see how quickly the time passed during these sessions, in which absolutely everyone was eager to contribute to the discussion," he explained.

Albert described this experience as "a unique opportunity to delve into different topics, with personalities of the sector and surrounded by extraordinary people" and encouraged other students to apply to future editions of the program, which he discovered thanks to the Career Manager of the LawSchool .

"It doesn't matter what grade you are in. Nor does it matter the economic status of your parents, because the AEI takes care of all the costs. There are seminars on China, capitalism, the Middle East, Education, war, Economics... for all tastes!"

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