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The department of Philosophy organises the international Workshop Navarra Workshop on Logical Consequence

FotoManuelCastells/Some of the speakers at congress, who attended in person at the University of Navarra

27 | 09 | 2021

What is the logic that best characterises reasoning? How can we coexist with paradoxes? Is it possible to measure the intuitions of speakers of a language about validity in formal systems? These and other questions were addressed on 24 and 25 September at the Navarra Workshop on Logical Consequence.

Organised by the department of Philosophy, at framework of the project "Logic and Substructurality", the meeting, held in person and online, brought together specialists from various national and international institutions. Speakers included: Maite Aznárez-Sanado, Assumpta Chacón, Pablo Cobreros, Martín Martínez Villar, Peter Odigie and Paloma Pérez-Ilzarbe from the University of Navarra; Bogdan Dicher, from the University of Lisbon; Paul Egré, from the Institut Jean Nicod in Paris; Francesco Paoli, from the University of Cagliari; Lucas Rosenblatt, Damian Szmuc and Eduardo Barrio of the University of Buenos Aires; Lorenzo Rossi of the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy; Peter Verdèe and Pilar Terrés of the Catholic University of Leuven; Carlos Benito, José Martínez and Sergi Oms of the University of Barcelona; and David Ripley of Monash University in Melbourne.