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New updated edition of the Dictionary of Theology

New voices, updates and corrections have been included.

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28/04/14 16:25

The third edition of the Dictionary of Theologyan important work to which many professors at School are contributors. Since its publication by EUNSA This work has received an excellent reception in the two previous editions, so it is now extending and promoting its trajectory.

The years that have elapsed since its publication have made it possible to incorporate into the Dictionary - in addition to the necessary corrections - new texts that update both the content and the bibliography, in such a way that it remains a useful and current work of enquiry and reference letter . The pontificates and magisterial teachings of these years, both of Benedict XVI and Francis, and the fiftieth anniversary of Vatican Council II, have been the essential elements that have motivated the expansion and update of the Dictionary of Theology.

This third edition, which also includes new contributors, pays tribute to Vatican II on its 50th anniversary by incorporating a new voice ("Vatican II") on the 20th century council.

In the grade of presentation of this new edition of the Dictionary of Theology, professor César Izquierdodirector of the Dictionary, evokes with gratitude the contribution of Professor Jutta Burggrafthat with the professor Félix María Arocena was part of the team that made position of much of the work behind this work, and whose death in 2010 was, he says, "a great loss for Theology". Professor Miguel Brugarolas has been incorporated as partner in the editorial work.