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22 students of 8 nationalities form the XXI Promotion of the University Master's Degree in Marriage and the Family

17 | 06 | 2022

The University of Navarra has celebrated the graduation of the XXI Promotion of the University Master's Degree in Marriage and Family. A total of 22 students from 8 countries received the graduation scholarship in an Academic Ceremony held on June 10 at classroom Magna, and chaired by Ms. Concepción Naval, dean of the School of Education and Psychology.

The following spoke at the closing ceremony Mr. Javier Escrivá Ivarsas director of Master's Degree in Marriage and Family, Mr. Juan Fernando Sellés Dauderas sponsor of the graduating class, D. Alfredo Cruz Pradoswho gave the Keynote Lecture, and Ms. Rebeca Villalba Peñaas representative of the students.

This Master's Degree, which is mostly online, includes a mandatory interdisciplinary face-to-face coursework period during the first two weeks of June, where students attend programs, seminars and workshops at work at the University of Navarra.

This year, the Presential has had invited experts from various scientific disciplines, among others, Fernando Alvarez (Psychologist), Oscar Gonzalez Peralta (IESE. University of Navarra) Alberto Baselga and Trinidad Puente (Cabinet 2RD of financial aid to marriages), Jaime Goyena Huerta (Prosecutor), Luis Gabriel Martinez Rocamora (Magistrate-Judge. Navarra), María Hidalgo Borbujo (Psychologist), Manuel Mazo Vega (Regenerative Medicine. CIMA), Isabel Iribarren Maestro (Library Services of the University of Navarra), Ángeles Cabido (Education Affective-sexual.Family Coach).

The Master's Degree in Marriage and Family was created in the year 2000 and is aimed at professionals from fields such as medicine, law, psychiatry, family mediation, etc. Its goal is train the professional to evaluate, educate and advise on the development of family and marital relationships.

See the speeches and the Photo Gallery here.

Alumni of the XXI Graduating Class

María Fernanda Arriaga Gutiérrez (Mexico)

Emmanuel Calo Gutiérrez (Spain)

Carlos Company Selma (Spain)

David Deulofeu Ojeda (USA)

Beatrice Ángela Hernández Asturias (USA)

Maria Rosa Krämer Iorra Camargo (Brazil)

María Dolores López-Bellido Garrido (Spain)

Marisol Macías Rojo (Mexico)

Tomás Martín Ruiz de Martín-Esteban (Spain)

Miguel Ángel Molina Zamudio (Ecuador)

María José Ortega Arana (Ecuador)

Simone Ribeiro Cabral Fuzaro (Brazil)

María Laura Sahagún Kunhardt (Mexico)

Rocío Sahagún Kunhardt (Mexico)

Araceli Sanromán González (Mexico)

David Enmanuel Santizo Pineda (El Salvador)

Josué Humberto Sayes Barrera (El Salvador)

María José Tabares Gil Samaniego (Mexico)

María Antonia Villablanca Gutiérrez (Chile)

Rebeca Viridiana Villalba Peña (Mexico)

Regina von Jagwitz-Biegnitz (Germany)

María Alejandra Yépez (Ecuador)