roundtable - Experiences of patients with substance disorders

roundtable - Experiences of patients with substance disorders


First session of the project Pre(ad)diction 2023 of the School of Nursing whose goal is that students can learn about substance-related disorders and addictive disorders. This is a session open to the entire University with the goal of promote a healthy campus .

Attendees will participate in a roundtable about the experiences of patients with substance disorders. In it, through the testimony of two patients from association ANTOX, they will learn about the causes of substance use such as alcohol and cocaine and the treatment they underwent to stop using them. 

The project Pre(ad)diction seeks to create a partnership multidisciplinary , among the students of the School of Nursing and the Degree of design from the School of Architectureto create and develop prevention actions and interactions for one of the substance-related disorders in order to promote a culture of health care in the campus. In this way, the specific knowledge on consumption prevention is combined with the applied methods and tools of the discipline of the design of Services.



January 23, 2023




School of Architecture. classroom 1

City Pamplona
Organized by School of Nursing
Schools and Centers: Architecture Nursing