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30 professors from Schools Ecclesiastics answer in a book 50 questions on faith asked by university students

The book belongs to the collection 'Persona y Cultura' (EUNSA) and is edited by professors Jorge Miras and Tomás Trigo.

01/03/13 11:12 Isabel Solana
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30 professors from the three ecclesiastical Schools of the University of Navarra have answered in a book 50 questions about faith, formulated by university students of various degrees.

The book, published in the collection 'Person and Culture' (EUNSA) and edited by Professors Jorge Miras and Tomás Trigo, aims to help "rediscover the path of faith in order to illuminate ever more clearly the joy and renewed enthusiasm of meeting with Christ" (Benedict XVI, Porta fidei, n. 2).

The editors hope that the answers offered will encourage the reader to look deeper into the various issues, so at the end of each answer they point to the numbers of the Catechism of the Church that can be consulted for more extensive information.

50 questions on faith is one of the various initiatives that have arisen within the University of Navarra in response to Benedict XVI's announcement of the Year of Faith.

Jorge Miras and Tomás Trigo are professors, respectively, of Canon Law and Moral Theology at the University. They are authors of several publications on spirituality, in addition to those of their own scientific specialization program , and are responsible for the edition of the present volume. For more information

Teachers participating in the volume:

  • Dogmatic Theology: José Alviar, Pablo Blanco, Miguel Brugarolas, Jorge Herrera, César Izquierdo, Lucas Francisco Mateo Seco, Ramiro Pellitero, Juan Ignacio Ruiz Aldaz, José Ramón Villar, Juan Ignacio Ruiz Aldaz.

  • Sacred ScriptureGonzalo Aranda, Juan Luis Caballero, Pablo M. Edo, Fernando Milán

  • PhilosophySantiago Collado, Francisco Gallardo de la Torre, José Ángel García- Cuadrado, José Manuel Giménez Amaya, Jaime Nubiola, Mikel Santamaría, Eduardo Terrasa

  • Historical Theology: Juan Antonio Gil, Fermín Labarga, Marcelo Merino, Domingo Ramos

  • Moral Theology:Gregorio Guitián, Javier Sánchez Cañizares, Tomás Trigo

  • Liturgy: José Luis Gutiérrez

  • Spiritual Theology: Pablo Marti, Javier Sesé

  • Canon LawJorge Miras, Javier Otaduy

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