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Back to Schools Ecclesiastical: with its own name (April 2013)

Schools Ecclesiastical: with its own name (April 2013)

30/04/13 12:25


Pablo Cerezo Marínstudent of the high school diploma in Theology, has won the competition for the design of the cover of the brochure of the Service Library Services. As award he received an e-book reader and the corresponding accrediting diploma . In addition, his proposal will be the cover of the information brochure for Library Services 2013-2014. For the past seven years, the Library Services Service has been publishing a brochure in two versions each academic year , Spanish e EnglishThe basic and relevant information on the different libraries of campus is condensed in this document.



The Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation paid homage to Rafael Navarro VallsFull Professor of State Ecclesiastical Law at the Complutense University of Madrid and current secretary of the academy. The event included the presentation of the book Religion, Marriage and Law in the 21st Century. programs of study in Homage to Professor Navarro Vallspublished by the Iustel. The work consists of two volumes with nearly 4,000 pages. The event was attended by Joaquin Calvo y Eduardo MolanoNavarro Valls is a former professor of the School of Canon Law of the University, student.


Professors and research

Piotr RoszakAdjunct Professor from the School of Theology, has been appointed member of the Commission of the Polish National Science Center for the evaluation of research projects.



A article of Álvaro Fernández de Córdova has been accepted in the journal Dicenda: Cuadernos de Philology hispanicafrom the Complutense University of Madrid. Diplomats and scholars in Rome at the service of the Catholic Monarchs: Francesco Vitale de Noya, Juan Ruiz de Medina and Francisco de Rojas' deals with bishops and learned ambassadors who served the Catholic Monarchs as liaisons between Rome and the Iberian Peninsula.



 Activities outside the campus

Ramiro Pellitero y José Ramón Villar have participated with presentations at the Symposium Fides et Actioorganized by the School de Teología de la Nicolás Copérnico University (Torun, Poland), April 18-20, 2013.




Javier Sánchez Cañizares attended a workshop of group Hypsosis in Rome, April 2-4. The team is working on the continuation of guide on Moral Theology. Figli nel figlio: una teologia morale fondamentaleof 2008. The group Hypsosis meets in Rome twice a year and publishes books, articles in research and monographic issues in magazines. [+]



Javier Otaduy offered the discussion paper 'La ley canónica. guide de uso' at the XXXIII conference de Actualidad Canonica de la association Spanish Canonistswhich took place in Madrid from April 3 to 5. Also in attendance were the professors José Antonio Fuentes y José Bernalwho are members of the board board of directors of the association, in addition to Antonio Viana y Jorge Otaduy.



Last April 16, Jorge Otaduy gave a lecture entitled 'La idoneidad de los profesores de religión católica y su development jurisprudencia en España' (The suitability of Catholic religion teachers and its jurisprudence in Spain) at the workshop de Estudio de la School of Canon Law of Comillas Pontifical Universityin Madrid.




José Ángel García Cuadrado participated with a exhibition in the II International seminar room of research Scholastica salmanticensis 'Historical-philosophical study of the theories of passions and virtues'.which took place at the School of Philosophy of the University of Salamanca on the 25th and 26th.



Sergio Sánchez-Migallón spoke at the symposium 'Religious Assent. Reason and faith in J.H. Newman.The event was jointly organized by the high school by Humanities Angel Ayala (CEU) and the San Dámaso University.