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Real-time social audience measurement platform DOGTrack goes to market

One of the promoters of the tool is Antonio Gallo, alumni of the Master's Degree Executive in management of Communication Companies.

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07/05/14 12:19 Javier Bustillo

The DOG Comunicación agency has just launched on the market DOGTracka platform that links in real time the mass average with the advertising and the social audience, facilitating content management and enhancing its viralization. For the moment the tool has been successfully tested in the press, radio and television, responding to the growing need for companies to integrate the management of the social audience in real time.

"Another phenomenon that explains this trend is the second screen, that is, the interaction of the viewer with mobiles or tablets during the consumption of conventional media", explains Antonio Gallo, co-founder of the agency and alumni of MEGEC (Master's Degree Executive in management of Communication Companies). This platform allows the media to know their audience beyond the quantitative data offered by the audimeters, and at the same time, allows the audience to tune in, give their opinion and listen to other opinions; and even make decisions that affect live programs through participation in social networks.

In the words of Antonio Gallo: "Working with our clients we realized the need they had to understand their social audience, but this was only a first step to engagement: being able to act and make decisions in real time is the real need, beyond Social Share. DOGTrack is the result of three years of research and development for media to get added value to measurement, analyzing, moderating, incentivizing and integrating the social audience with advertising in real time, facilitating content management and boosting its viralization."

DOGTrack achieves that thanks to the tool allows communication via API with the main systems of live graphics: wTVision, Broadcast Pix, etc. and plug the data to any application to put your data analyzed and processed in mobile or web applications. It has been successfully implemented in the TV program "Tiki Taka" as well as in group COPE, obtaining great results.