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Clínica Universidad de Navarra, among the 30 companies in Spain with the greatest capacity to attract and retain talent.

In the annual Merco Talento ranking, the Clínica climbed 5 positions compared to last year, reaching 28th place. Within the health sector, the Clínica is in second place, behind Sanitas.

10 | 03 | 2022

Clínica Universidad de Navarra is ranked 28th out of the 100 companies with the greatest capacity to attract and retain talent, according to the Merco Talento 2021 ranking. In the previous ranking, the Clínica was in 33rd place, up two points in the last year, and 16 positions compared to the 2019 ranking (44th). In the area of attendance healthcare, the Clínica is in second position, behind Sanitas.

director After the advertisement of this new edition of Merco Talento, the corporate monitor that measures the labour attractiveness of 100 Spanish companies with the greatest capacity to attract and retain talent, the Clínica's general manager, Joseba Campos, has valued the position obtained: "The improvement of these last two years in the ranking is a stimulus for all of us who are part of the Clínica. These have been difficult years, marked by a pandemic that we are still learning to live with, so we are very proud of the team of professionals who, at both sites, make the Clínica one of the best places to work"

"In our commitment to a totally patient- and family-centred medicine, as well as tackling Covid19, in recent years we have been strengthening and consolidating our model of a hospital with two sites, so this great recognition encourages us to continue creating an attractive employment project that allows them to continue to grow," adds Esperanza Lozano, director of the Madrid site. 

For their part, the Human Resources managers at both sites are grateful for the position and are aware of the road ahead in this area: "Our goal focuses on improving our employer branding, making the Clínica a good place to work. Obtaining this recognition encourages us to continue carrying out improvement projects that enable development and the satisfaction of all our professionals", says Jesús Rodríguez Polo, director of Human Resources in Pamplona.

"Our commitment to the patient, to innovation and to the transfer of knowledge is in our DNA and would not be possible without the dedication of our professionals. For us, what really makes the difference is the motivation and effort of a team that works together to bring the latest advances to patients as quickly as possible," concludes Mayte Ahugetas, Director of Human Resources at the Madrid site.

Multi-stakeholder methodology through more than 38,526 surveys

During the presentation of the ranking and explanation of its results, José María San Segundo, president of Merco Talento, pointed out that "excellent companies are characterised by the satisfaction of their employees as a whole, and above average, in aspects such as pride in belonging, motivation, recognition and salary".  

Merco Talent is an instrument of assessment reputational, audited by KPMG, which evaluates different groups that assess the ability of companies to attract and retain talent. On this occasion, the monitor has counted on the opinion of 24,002 workers, 9,168 university and vocational training students, 903 business school alumni, 4,028 citizens, 200 human resources managers, 95 from trade unions and 53 headhunters. In addition, an analysis of the management talent policies of 77 companies was carried out. In total: 38,526 surveys, 6 perspectives and 10 sources of information.

This sixteenth edition of the ranking is headed by Inditex, followed by Mercadona and Coca-Cola. In fourth position Iberdrola, Repsol (5th), Nestlé (6th), Ikea (7th), Telefónica (8th), Mahou - San Miguel (9th) and Heineken (10th) complete the top ten.