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The report CYD places the University as leader in the impact of its research in the areas of Medicine and Nursing.

With a production of 6,823 articles, 164 cited (2.40%), the academic centre is the first in Spain in percentage of patent citations.

FotoManuelCastells/The University of Navarra stands out in scientific publications in the areas of Medicine, Nursing, and Biochemistry , Genetics and Molecular Biology. In the photograph, a researcher from the Solid Tumours Programme of the Cima University of Navarra carries out an image analysis of tissue using immunofluorescence.

01 | 10 | 2021

According to the CYD Foundation's annual report , the University of Navarra is a leader in the impact of its research in the areas of Medicine and Nursing, considering the issue and the quality of citations it receives in other academic publications. The same document places the academic centre first in Spain in international orientation and in the top ten in performance indicators in teaching and learning.

This is the seventeenth edition of the annual report on the contribution of Spanish universities to development. The document is structured in four chapters: Basic features of the Spanish university system; University graduates and the work market; research and transfer in Spanish universities; and International positioning.

In the chapter dedicated to research, report analyses the position indicators in six areas of scientific production: Medicine; Biochemistry , Genetics and Molecular Biology; Immunology and Microbiology; Psychology; Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics; and Nursing. issue In each one, it classifies the production (issue of publications); the weighted normalised impact (that is, the citations received by the institution in relation to the average number of citations of the world's scientific production in the same field); the percentage of production in quartile 1 (Q1); and the percentage of excellence with leadership.

The University of Navarra is first in area in Medicine in weighted normalised impact; in Biochemistry , Genetics and Molecular Biology, the University is third in papers published in Q1 and second in weighted normalised impact. In Nursing area , the University is first in weighted normalised impact and first in percentage of excellence in leadership; second in publications in Q1 and third in overall production.

The report also analyses the publications cited in patents. The University of Navarra leads the national ranking in the percentage of citations, with a production of 6,823 articles, 164 of them cited (2.40%).

Likewise, with 39 publications per 10,000 inhabitants, Navarre is the second community in issue of articles produced, behind Madrid and ahead of Catalonia and Cantabria.

Navarra, first in student body international and third, in employment rate

According to the CYD 2020 Ranking and the dimension of international orientation at institutional level, report places the University of Navarra and the Universitat Ramón Llull in first place. Furthermore, the Comunidad Foral is positioned as one of the regions with the most international student body : 1 out of every 5 students in enrollment . In second place are Cantabria, Castilla y León, the Valencian Community and Madrid.

In the respective data to employment rate, Catalonia, the Basque Country, Navarre and La Rioja stand out as showing both a higher employment rate for higher graduates and a lower unemployment rate. At the other extreme are the Canary Islands, Andalusia and the Valencian Community.

According to report, Navarre is the region with the highest percentage of the adult population, aged 25 to 64, who have taken part in permanent training activities in 2020 (over 13%), ahead of the Basque Country and Murcia.