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University students raise awareness of substance use and its effects

Nursing students and design have worked together in the second edition of project Pre(ad)diction and exhibit at the academic center the result of their work

FotoCedida/La exhibition will be on display for two weeks in different buildings of the campus

11 | 05 | 2023

The School of Architecture and the University's NursingSchool have once again collaborated on the second edition of the project multidisciplinary Pre(ad)diction: Designing a Caring campus which aims to promote a culture of health care at campus.

Through a partnership multidisciplinary of Nursing professors and students and designThroughout the project different sessions have been organized and various actions and interactions have been implemented for the prevention of substance use disorders. In this way, the specific knowledge on consumption prevention has been combined with the applied methods and tools of the discipline of the design services.

The work of the students has materialized in a exhibition formed by brochures and panels that collect the research they have made about the effects of substance use and, in turn, explain the projects developed by the students of design, who have tried to show disorders related to substances and addictive disorders in a creative way.

"It has been a challenge, because in some way it forces you to leave aside your usual dynamic of work and you have to adapt to your classmates. I think it has been very enriching for everyone," says Mirian Águeda, a student at design. "It has been a new experience, because we had never worked with students from another degree program. I think we have complemented each other very well," says Vicky López, Nursing student. 

The exhibition will be displayed for one week (May 8 to 12) at the entrance hall of the Science Library and, for another (May 15 to 19), at the one located in the Ismael Sánchez Bella building of the University, since students are in exam period.

The project is part of the Health and Well-being Unit of the Strategy 2025 of the University of Navarra and has counted with the partnership of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra (CUN), Tantaka and ANTOX (association Navarra for the research, Prevention and Treatment of Addictions).