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Aitziber Zudaire: "I would like to do specialization program as a midwife or pediatrician".

The recent graduate in Nursing directs her professional degree program towards obtaining the degree scroll of Nurse Resident Intern.

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Aitziber Zudaire
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13/06/14 17:30 Miriam Salcedo

Aitziber Zudaire, a recent graduate of the II Promotion of Degree in Nursing at the University of Navarra, has chosen to direct her professional career towards specialization program as a midwife or pediatrician. To do so, she needs to take an official exam, the only one of its kind in Spain, in which the knowledge acquired throughout the degree program is put to test . Passing this exam will give you the degree scroll of Internal Nurse Resident (EIR). Until this time she has time to gain more experience in other specialties. In an interview she tells us about her professional project and the impressions of degree program why she has chosen this path.

What do you highlight from your years of degree program?
A.Z: In terms of the profession, the knowledge acquired, skill and skills to take them to the internship and the satisfaction of direct patient care. On the other hand, the contact with my fellow students, creating new friendships and the exchange of experiences, has been very enriching. The attention with the professors and their disposition have helped me grow as a person. 

Have your expectations been fulfilled?
A.Z: My expectations have been more than fulfilled, although I am aware of how much I still have to do and that it is a profession in which we cannot stop studying and keeping up to date with scientific evidence.

Why did you come to the University of Navarra?
A.Z: It had a lot to do with my mother, who is a former student and had a very positive reference letter about it. In addition, as she collaborates in the School with the training of the Internal Nurse Residents (EIR) of midwifery, I have always had this University present. 

What is your professional project now that you have graduate?
A.Z: In the short term deadline I am going to do the specialization program in Medical-Surgical Nursing at Clínica Universidad de Navarra. In the long term deadline, I am going to officially take the EIR exam to do the specialization program in midwifery or pediatrics. My goal is to get place to have professional and economic stability. 

What anecdote do you remember from your time at the University of Navarra?
A.Z: More than an anecdote, it was a very positive experience when in my first year I went with another colleague to an immigrant center to interview them for a sociology work . It was very enriching and it was a little push to continue in this beautiful profession. It was very enriching and was a little boost to continue in this beautiful profession.