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"The teaching in Spanish architecture schools in the pandemic is a worldwide reference with an increase in student satisfaction".

The directors of the member institutions of the Executive Council of the lecture of Spanish Schools of Architecture meet at the University of Madrid.

PhotoManuelCastells/From left to right, Héctor García-Diego (ETSAUN); Plácido Lizancos (ETSA Coruña, secretary of the Executive Council of directors of Architecture Schools in Spain); Ramón Pico (ETSAS Sevilla); Félix Solagure (ETSAB Barcelona); Miguel A. Alonso del Val (director of ETSAUN and of the Executive Council of directors of Schools of Architecture of Spain); President of the University of Navarra, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero; Iván Cabrera (ETSAV Valencia); Manuel Blanco (ETSAM Madrid); Elsa Gutiérrez (ETSALP Las Palmas); Ernesto Fenollosa (ETSAV Valencia) and Carlos Naya (ETSAUN).

14 | 06 | 2021

The School of Architecture of the University of Navarra hosted the annual quotation of the Executive Council of the lecture of Schools of Architecture of Spain, which brought together in Pamplona the directors of the schools of Valencia, A Coruña, Madrid, Barcelona, Las Palmas, Seville and Navarra.

With Ivan Cabrera at the head - president of the Commission and director of the School of Architecture of the Universitat Politècnica de València - the members of the Commission met previously with the President of the University of Navarra, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero. Once at the headquarters of the School of Architecture, they worked on various issues, including the adaptation of the teaching of the Schools to the pandemic. 

In the opinion of its president, "in the universities we have faced the enormous cataclysm of the pandemic with more resources than we thought we had. In fact, we have given a lesson, worldwide, on the resilience of the professor system in times of COVID". For Ivan Cabrera, "test of this good work of the Spanish Schools of Architecture is that the satisfaction surveys we have carried out with the students have shown very positive results. Especially because it has been possible to maintain, and even strengthen, the direct and close relationship with each student".

Schools: a space for work and not so much for master classes.

What the director calls "teaching gremial" - "that which is typical of architecture, whereby a very close relationship is established between teacher and students, transmitting the experience and the practical knowledge of the teacher to student" - has been "strengthened in the period of the pandemic, with an increase in tutorials and one-to-one sessions", he emphasises.

Likewise, the director of ETSA-UPV and the lecture of Schools says: "Some of the advances in teaching experienced in recent months are here to stay. This is the case of some of the master classes, which we now have recorded and available, so that the student can experience the space of the School as a space for critique, discussion and project development. Something you will never be able to find in a video on Youtube", he concluded.