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"The progress that was made 20 years ago with the sequencing of the human genome will now be made by bioinformatics with all the omics applications.

Álex Pérez Maiztegui works at data analysis at Ernest&Young and is a former student of Master's Degree in Computational Methods in Science.

16 | 08 | 2022

For Álex Pérez Maiztegui (Urretxu, 23 years old), computing in the coming years will favour the development of fields such as biomedicine. department This young man from Guipuzcoa works in the Data & Analytics department at the Madrid headquarters of the multinational Ernest & Young in auditing. Pérez Maiztegui is a former student of Biochemistry (2021) and Master's Degree in Computational Methods in Science -MC2- (2022) by the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra.

During the degree program of Biochemistry Alex was student intern at department of Physics and Applied Mathematics where he was able to approach the field of programming, and at MC2 he specialised in Bioinformatics, a area that he considers to be acquiring greater relevance. "The progress that was marked 20 years ago by the sequencing of the human genome will now be marked by bioinformatics with all the omics applications. 

Alex highlights the programming concepts acquired at Master's Degree as a basis for further knowledge, and the methods applied to life sciences such as "the study of gene sequences, molecular modelling or Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms".

Alex has very positive memories of Master's Degree such as the dynamism of the classes, the proximity to academic staff, the family atmosphere, and the possibilities of interactionwith other centres of the University, from the School, the research center , the Applied Medicine and the Clínica Universidad de Navarra. "It is a master's degree that has been created in response to the problems and needs of society. There is currently an excessive demand for professionals in area science from data and this Master's Degree undoubtedly has a lot to contribute".