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presentation in Madrid of the new Master's Degree in research Biomedica

prospective studentsprofessionals and researchers met at quotation to learn about the postgraduate program

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Guillermo Zalba, Felipe Prósper and Ignacio López-Goñi, at the presentation del Master's Degree
PHOTO: University of Navarra
19/06/14 13:13 Laura Latorre

The University of Navarra presented in Madrid the new Master's Degree in research Biomedicine to about fifty people including: representatives of the Schools of Science, Pharmacy and Medicine,future students of the postgraduate program, alumni of the academic center, professionals from different sectors, researchers and the general public.

The presentation was presented at position by director of Master's Degree, Full Professor Guillermo Zalba, who gave a brief overview of the characteristics of the program: specialization, multidisciplinarity, attention personalized, high qualification of academic staff and internationalization.

Zalba's exhibition gave way to lecture "From stem cells to cell therapy: Medicine of the future?", by Master's Degree professor Dr. Felipe Prósper. Some conclusions can be drawn from it: that cell therapy and tissue engineering open up new and great expectations but there is still a long way to go; that adult stem cells and reprogrammed IPS are the future; and that more basic and interdisciplinary research is needed to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms.