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The University's Pharmacy and Nutrition School is the first in Spain according to the CYD ranking.

The CYD ranking places School in first place with 22 indicators of high performing out of a total of 44.

/A student of the School Pharmacy and Nutrition, during a essay in a laboratory.

20 | 05 | 2024

The University of Navarra has achieved very positive results in the eleventh edition of the ranking of the Foundation knowledge and development (CYD), the most reputable and complete ranking of the Spanish university system. With the goal to measure the quality of the university system at the national level, this ranking is based on a multidimensional and exhaustive analysis of 5 areas: teaching and learning, research, internationalization, transfer of knowledge, international orientation and contribution to the regional development .

The University of Navarra is first in Spain in "Intentional Orientation" with the highest score in all the indicators of high performing, second in "teaching andLearning", third in the areas of "research" and in "Transfer of knowledge". In addition, the Navarre university system ranks first in Spain, according to the CYD ranking indicators.

In the area biosanitary, specifically the Degree in Pharmacy, it ranks first with 22 indicators of high performing out of a total of 44 available. For example, in the dimension of "teaching and learning" it stands out in the performance rate and the success rate, in the dimension of "research" it obtains the highest scores in issue of thesis doctoral readings, publication per professor and impact of the publications as well as in the issue of cited publications. In the "International orientation" dimension, it excels in issue of foreign students, international publications and international research funds, as well as in internships abroad. 

For Dr. María Javier Ramírez, dean of the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition of the University of Navarra, "this recognition reinforces our commitment to our students, to academic excellence, to innovation at research and to a robust partnership with the healthcare and business world".

The goal of this ranking is to inform and guide students and families in making decisions regarding their academic future in higher education teaching , and also provides companies and other social agents with information. In this new edition, 81 public and private universities have been evaluated out of a total of 89 universities in Spain, 30 areas of knowledge and 3407 degrees.