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"The 360º vision of the Master's Degree in management of Pharma-Biotech Companies guided and prepared me to join the working world"

/Begoña Wesolowski

21 | 03 | 2022

Begoña Wesolowski graduated in pharmacy from the Complutense University of Madrid in July 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, and it was then that she began to have doubts about her professional future. She felt "lost": "Thanks to a friend, I found out that there was a new Master's Degree focused on the pharmaceutical industry at the headquarters of postgraduate program of the University of Navarra in Madrid and I did not hesitate to take the plunge for this new challenge". 

"Looking back, the Master's Degree in management of Pharma-Biotech companies has given me much more than I could have imagined, as I have not only acquired theoretical knowledge about management of pharmaceutical and biotech companies with a 360º vision, but I also had the opportunity to strengthen my skills in speech, work in a team and management of time", she explains. In addition, she says that the programme helped her to orientate and prepare for her entry into the world of work. 

Thus, in March 2021, as soon as she finished her theory classes, Begoña started a scholarship at Abbvie, an international pharmaceutical company, at department hepatitis C Marketing. "During the scholarship I put on internship all the knowledge acquired in the subjects of the Master's Degree. In addition, I learned the importance of performing my tasks with perseverance, responsibility and effort. Not only did I grow professionally, but also on the level of staff, giving priority to values such as humility and transparency in my day-to-day work". 

After finishing the scholarship, she received great news from her internship tutor: a vacancy had arisen at department in Marketing in Neurosciences and they had decided to hire her to fill the position. "Now I am starting this new stage with great enthusiasm and excitement, continuing with my training and growth. I only have words of thanks to the University. Doing this Master's Degree has undoubtedly been one of the best decisions I have made".