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The third year students of Degree in management Applied Management conclude their stays in Germany and France.

They received training academic training at ISIT (Paris) and CBS Business School (Cologne), in addition to visiting different companies and institutions.

21 | 06 | 2023

The third year students of the Degree at management Applied have completed their second international internship at programs of study. Those taking German as their third language course have completed it in Cologne and those taking French in Paris. 

The Study program of this innovative and unique in Spain Degree contemplates two international stays: in the first one they travel to Boston (United States) at the end of the first year, while the second one is completed at the end of the third year. This sum of experiences allows the students to make an academic, cultural and linguistic immersion in different countries.

There they attend different sessions at training in management business and communication, at ISIT for those who travel to Paris and at CBS International Business School for those who go to Cologne. During their stay, they analyze several case studies with professors and professionals from different sectors, visit local companies and institutions and elaborate a final project on what they have learned.

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Miren Aznárez - 3rd Year - language German

"The experience has been unbeatable," says Miren Aznárez about her international stay at programs of study in Cologne. result She says that the training received at CBS International Business School has been very enriching for her, as she has been able to broaden her knowledge of the German business market. He also emphasizes learning language and having worked at group. "I have become more confident with German and have been able to get to know aspects of German culture and companies that I didn't know before," she concludes.

Luca Scavuzzo - 3rd Year - language German 

"It has been an incredible cultural, social and academic immersion in a country with a highly competitive business environment". This is how Luca Scavuzzo describes the experience he has had during his international stay at programs of study in Cologne. He had only been to Germany once before when he was 15 years old. On that occasion he went for a couple of weeks to reinforce language in the summer. He says that these days have also helped him to live with his classmates and teachers of Degree in a country, a culture and an environment different from the one he lives in day to day at the University.


Marta Luzán - 3rd Year - language French

sample Marta Luzán was very grateful for the training program that the ISSA School of Applied Management prepared for the international stay of programs of study in Paris. "It has been very interesting the combination of the academic training with the visits. In addition, both the academic staff of ISIT and the University of Navarra have been very close," she says. He adds, "I have noticed a lot of improvement in the language. I have acquired a lot of vocabulary and I have learned more about interculturality, I didn't know it in this way and it can be very useful in my professional future".

Ana Pizarro - 3rd Year - language French

"The programs of study stay in Paris has allowed me to apply my language skills acquired throughout the Degree as well as to discover other fields of management Applied to which I could devote myself in the future and that I did not know", says Ana Pizarro, 3rd year student of Degree in management Applied-Applied Management. She also points out that "it has been a great academic learning opportunity in a wonderful city like Paris". And she adds: "The activity I liked the most and the one I learned the most from was the visit al committee of Youth in Paris. We learned that, despite the cultural differences we encounter when visiting other countries, young people always have a strong desire and willingness to change our future and make a positive impact in what we do". 

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