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The high school Internacional Eirís de A Coruña wins the eleventh edition of 'Vidiomas: una business in your city'.

The competition, focused in this edition on 'Technology in the business', has had a hundred of registered teams made up of more than 350 pre-university students from up to 33 Spanish schools.

FotoCedida/SilviaCorbal, Alicia Díaz and Paula Fariñas, together with their teacher Oladapo Oladipo, winners of the IX edition of 'Vidiomas: una business en tu ciudad'.

13 | 05 | 2024

The SMAP video, made by the students Silvia Corbal, Alicia Díaz and Paula Fariñas, from high school Internacional Eirís in La Coruña, has been the winner of the eleventh edition of the contest 'Vidiomas: una business en tu ciudad' of the University of Navarra. The competition, organized by ISSA School of Applied Management, has counted with the participation of more than 350 students of 4th of ESO and 1st of high school diploma. The winning video, directed by Professor Oladapo Oladipo, competed with around 100 entries from 33 schools in 18 Spanish provinces.

The goal of the contest is that students improve their skill in languages, their communication skills, the use of digital tools and develop attitudes such as responsibility, organization, work teamwork, effort or creativity. In particular, this year's theme has focused on 'Technology in the business'.

The jury, composed of professors from Degree in management Applied Management of the University of Navarra, has highlighted that the winning video "sample a good approach, structure and selection of images, which is effective to understand the content. The speech is natural, as well as the rhythm and intonation".

The second award went to work Work Mates, from high school Irabia-Izaga of Pamplona. And the third prize went to work Montealtinas, from high school Montealto de Madrid.

Five free registrations to the pre-university summer course 'International Management World', to be held at campus in Pamplona at the University of Navarra at the end of June, were drawn among all participants. The winners were: Lilia Marie Woodham, from New Castelar College International School (Murcia); Ana Guerrero Lasheras, from high school Montealto (Madrid); Meritxell Fernández, from. high school diploma Santa María (La Rioja); Adriana Berdasco, from high school Palacio de Granda (Asturias); and Ángela Heredia, from high school Diocesano San Ildefonso (Almería).

Vidiomas Awards: a business in your city' 2024