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Concepción Naval participates in a meeting with the group of Experts on Freedom of Expression. teaching

The meeting was held at the United Nations Palace

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PHOTO: Courtesy
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Concepción Naval. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
24/06/14 15:33 Alberto Bonilla

Concepción Naval, dean of the School of Education and Psychologyrecently met at the Palais des Nations (Geneva) with a group of Experts on Freedom of teaching (ExperLib), an initiative of the Organisation Internationale pour le Droit à l'Education et la Liberté d'Enseignement (OIDEL). Organisation Internationale pour le Droit à l'Education et la Liberté d'Enseignement (OIDEL).

For thirty years, OIDEL has sought to increase the recognition of Education, especially educational freedom, as a fundamental human right. To this end, the organization recognizes that it is essential to establish a group of Experts who can rethink education systems with a approach based on these freedoms.

The foundations of educational systems have suffered several setbacks due to identity politics and globalized culture, resulting in today's societies being in a state of crisis that deeply affects social cohesion. These societies, moreover, face a dual mandate: promote "unity" while at the same time fostering the diversity and plurality essential to the democratic tradition. The intersection of these issues constitutes one of the central axes of the European Union's strategicframework , Education and training 2020.

It is for this reason that this group of Experts has come together, which aims to organize each year a meeting in which a particular dimension of the freedom of teaching is considered, starting with a reflection on the current state of affairs, and anticipating the challenges of the future.

The initial meeting took place last June 11, being the central topic of this year the financing of the Education mandatory, from the perspective of freedom. The final colloquium will be held on October 8, coinciding with the OIDEL General Assembly.