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30 experts reflect on learning spaces and new educational needs at University course

From September 1 to 3, specialists in the areas of Education and Architecture will rethink new educational spaces in the context of COVID-19.

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Sonia Rivas and Héctor García Diego. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
28/08/20 14:41 Laura Juanpérez

From September 1 to 3 about thirty national and international experts will participate in the summer course graduate "Learning scenarios: dialogue between architecture and Education". It is a meeting organized by the School from Education and Psychology and the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra, which can be followed virtually or in person at the Museum of the academic center.

This course is aimed at researchers, managers and professionals of internship who focus their work on the study and management of learning spaces. The event addresses both formal and informal Education as well as any subject learning process. The course is articulated in conferences, round tables and colloquiums. "Our goal is to generate a discussion between professionals with recognized prestige and working in different fields, theoretical and practical, and the area educational and architectural and design", details the course coordinator and professor at the School of Education and Psychology of the academic center, Sonia Rivas.

The speakers include professionals from the public and private sectors, both national and international, who have led their schools to reach the top positions in the most prestigious educational rankings. In the educational field, speakers such as Gregorio Casado -coordinator of Innovation, Guidance and training of the Padre Piquer public school (in the La Ventilla neighborhood of Madrid); and Jaime Úbeda -director of the International School San Patricio (Madrid) -, both of whom are driving processes of radical transformation in their schools, stand out.

Groundbreaking examples in London and Denmark

In the field of Architecture and the innovative design of new educational environments, the participation of female architects stands out. Alexi Marmotdirector of the Banett Global Centre for Learning Environments, London; and of Rosan BoschRosan Bosch, architect and founder of Rosan Bosch Studio, in Denmark, one of the most innovative programs of study in the design of learning environments adapted to the most current pedagogical needs.

"In the field of Architecture and the design, the crisis derived from the COVID has brought even more to the forefront the need to adapt spaces to other needs and not to circumscribe learning environments to school classrooms," says the also coordinator of the course and professor of the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra, Héctor García-Diego.

The first day of the course will be dedicated to sharing experiences, reflections and analysis on the dialogue between Education and architecture in formal environments. The second day, workshop, on September 2, will focus on non-formal environments. On the third day, various round tables and colloquiums will be held with educators, managers and architects, all from the local area, as protagonists.

With places still available to registerassociation EUNATE will make all presentations available with subtitles at director and sign interpreter language .