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The University of Navarra's running circuit is inaugurated

The University's running circuit was inaugurated last Sunday, February 17, coinciding with the III degree program de los Valientes (3rd edition).

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25/02/19 20:20 Maria Gonzalez Zabal

The circuit, 5 km long, runs around the campus in a circular shape. It is marked with a total of 46 wooden markers every 500 meters. In addition, there are two marked areas of work for uphill and series.

It is an initiative of the Sports Service University aligned with the project Healthy University of the H2020 Strategic Plan.

The Navarra Athletics Federation and some of the regular runners of campus, as well as the advice of Professor Juanjo Pons, an expert in sustainable mobility , have been involved in the design of the route.

"We believe it is very important to facilitate and encourage healthy living practices in students, faculty and employees of the University," said Cristina Muñoz, director of the Planning Service and design of Campus. "We also want to involve all the citizens of Pamplona in this opportunity, since the campus is a campus open to the city", as she highlighted.

The route marked by the circuit (in yellow the external one and in green the internal one) can be found at sample :

Campus Running