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submission of prizes for the 4th Olympic Sports Week drawing competition

Nearly 3,000 children from 11 schools participated in the competition, organized by the University's Olympic programs of study Center.

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Winners of the prizes of the drawing contest of the IV Olympic Sports Week.
PHOTO: J. M. López Ozaeta
14/03/16 15:56

The Itaroa Shopping Center hosted the submission awards ceremony of the drawing contest"How do you imagine the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016?", in which almost 3,000 children from 11 schools in Pamplona participated. The competition was organized by the Olympic programs of study Center of the University of Navarra on the occasion of the IV Olympic Sports Week.

The first prizes went to Carolina Moreno Paredes, from high school Sagrado Corazón (1st-3rd primary category), Pablo Oroz Domeño, from high school San Cernin (4th-6th primary category) and Laura Gabas Muiños, from high school Isterria (special category).

Tomás Gómez-Acebo, Vice President of Students of the University of Navarra; Patxi Biurrun, General Manager of Itaroa Shopping Center; and Pablo Buena, representative of ANACCOLDE schools, presented a diploma and a trophy to the winners. The high school San Cernin, which delivered the largest issue of drawings, was also awarded.

Until Sunday 20, family, friends and all those who come to the Itaroa Shopping Center will be able to visit the exhibition of the 300 finalist drawings on the main floor.

The IV Olympic Sports Week ended on Saturday 12th with the screening of the movie"The Perfect Game" at the Itaroa Cinemas. Many children who participated in the drawing contest attended the screening of the movie free of charge, where several gifts were also raffled.

The initiative was organized by the Olympic programs of study Center of the University of Navarra in partnership with the Pamplona City Council, Itaroa Shopping Center, Itaroa Cinemas and ANNACOLDE Schools.

Award winners


First award: Carolina Moreno Paredes, high school Sagrado Corazón

Second award: Samuel Loureiro Soret, high school Escolapios

Third award: Mario Durán Asa, high school Ntra. Sra. del Huerto



First award: Pablo Oroz Domeño, high school San Cernin

Second award: Javier González Moreno, high school Teresianas

Third award: Maikel Zambrano Cedeño, high school Luis Amigó



First award: Laura Gabas Muiños, high school Isterria

Second award: Maite Saenz Irigoyen, high school El Molino

Third award: Izan Moreno Navarro, high school Sta. Mª La Real



Accesit for sportsmanship: Urko Orcaray Checa. high school Monjardín High School

Accesit to the best technique used: Edurne Martínez Ojer, high school Sta. Mª La Real

Accesit for originality: Marina Tarifa Solozábal, high school Irabia-Izaga