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Izaga Trail', a degree program of climbs, obstacles and endurance

Ardanaz de Izagaondoa hosted the start and goal of the last edition of the 'Izaga Trail'. Ahead the two circuits offered by the test: 27 km and 1,900 m of positive slope and 11 km with 670 m of positive slope.

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30/11/17 15:07 Javier Raventós

Josep Serra tells in first person his experience: "Undoubtedly, the last kilometers of the degree program are the most complicated, the legs begin to fail and the enormous effort of the various climbs takes its toll psychologically, however, the illusion and the desire to fill in the challenge are what spur the muscles and mind of the runner so that, making a final sacrifice, reach the goal and the celebration that awaits him there".

The winner of the Txurregi club and record holder of the test, Aitor Iraizoz completed the 27 km circular course in 2 hours and 45 minutes while his teammate, Alberto Azparren, also took first place in the short course in a time of 55 minutes and 28 seconds. 

Thus ended the degree program of a group of young university students who, as a result of a project of the year 2014, set out to organize a degree program trail for which they had no previous preparation subject . Izaga Trail was born from nothing and was brought forward by the passion for the world of trail running..

The start of the project was like a trail degree program . The start was uphill and at several points the ascent was almost impossible. These difficulties were overcome thanks to the financial aid of the people of the Izagaondoa valley and all the volunteers who have joined the cause during these three years.

Once the first edition was over came the slides and the intermediate kilometers, in a word, the endurance. The project continued on foot to finish as one who runs to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Izaga and the warmth of its people.