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"Studying Management has been core topic for my professional development "

Nicolai Kahr graduated in 2020 and currently lives in Denmark where he is a Junior Retail Buyer at Jack&Jones.


27 | 01 | 2023

"Studying business and management-oriented subjects in English has been core topic for the development of my professional degree program ". Nicolai Kahr, graduate at ISSA School of Applied Management in June 2020, is convinced of this. He is currently Junior Retail Buyer for the Jack&Jones brand in Denmark.

He is in charge of designing, planning and buying the collections for the outlet stores of the well-known signature, as well as making sure that the stores have the right quantities and products.

She did her internship at Bestseller in Denmark, from January to June 2020, assisting the department retail of the clothing signature for which she now works. When she returned to Spain, after the first stage of the pandemic, she joined the family business (men's fashion stores) to help her parents to overcome that status so complex. She spent almost two years working as area Manager and Junior Buyer.

However, he was looking forward to a new challenge and the need to continue to grow professionally so, when the dust settled and he had the opportunity, he returned to Denmark: "I needed to face a new project and get rid of the bitter taste of having lived during the internship in this country during the pandemic. My paternal family is Danish and I have always liked the country and its culture. The working conditions were also very good and the position was interesting.

She says that in her work there is an incredible work environment and that what excites her the most when she faces new challenges and adversities is to see that the decisions made are reflected in results. In this sense, he assures that the training he received during the degree program has given him the necessary basis to make his work easier and stand out: "Every day work with the digital tools of management that I learned, I feel confident every time I have to make a presentation or present results, and the communication and language courses have allowed me to respond fluently to any complicated email message".