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The University of Navarra organizes its first Fashion Day at campus in Pamplona.

On March 18, campus in Pamplona hosted the first edition of Fashion Day, an event that brought more than 400 students and teachers closer to the new challenges and opportunities offered by the fashion industry.

18 | 04 | 2024

The expectation was high from early in the morning, when the assembly of stands began in the Hall of Amigos Building: A makeup station Estéee Lauder, powerful national brands such as Desigual or Scotta 1985, and other Navarre as Hebe Soul, From AM to PM, Mugma or Kos Cerámica. Throughout the day, they did not stop receiving students eager to know their products and how they work in each of them.

As for the diary of the day, the starting signal was given by representatives of each of the centers involved in the organization: Teresa Sádaba (dean of ISEM), Carlos Naya (director of School of Architecture), Charo Sádaba (dean of Communication), José Manuel Malmierca (director of development of Economics), Victoria Rodríguez Chacón (director of ISSA School of Applied Management) and Teresa Lasheras (director of Performing Arts and Music Museum). "For years, the University of Navarra has been studying fashion in an interdisciplinary way, with a unique academic programs in the world for its variety and its support in the research", said the dean of ISEM.


The Fashion Day aims to be a point of meeting in which students are periodically offered the opportunity to approach fashion from an interdisciplinary perspective, from the hand of a selection of the best professionals in the industry. In this first edition, speakers from leading brands in the industry participated, such as Carmen Liras, Retail Merchandising Manager of Hermès, Borja Vázquez, founder of Scalpers, Ignacio Blanco Artola, Director of Ecommerce & Marketing of Estée Lauder or Marisol Ruíz and Patxi Fernández, of Move Branding. As summarized by the latter, the Fashion Day is "a forum where business models, emerging projects, industry transformation, challenges for SMEs...", so that students were able to understand more deeply the employment opportunities offered by the fashion industry, as well as trends, challenges and opportunities offered by the sector in the XXI century.

The afternoon began with a roundtable dedicated to emerging brands, moderated by Professor Pedro spanish medical residency program. Carlos Serra, founder and CEO of Scotta 1985, Juan Calvente, founder of Edmmond Studios and Cristina Coll, Director of Sales and Partnerships at Flabelus, coincided there. "Being able to invest time for promote entrepreneurship in fashion is a real service, especially for young people," said Serra.

The last discussion paper of the workshop ran to position of Paul Oteyza and Caterina Pañeda, founders of the renowned tailoring Oteyza, who spoke of how the show is increasingly present in the fashion world, which has fewer and fewer parades in a traditional format.

Late in the day, the focus shifted to the University Museum, where the Merina show was performed; a transversal work that combines music, dance, art and avant-garde, to tell the story of the origin of merino wool, exploring the process in which craftsmanship becomes art.

The spectators enjoyed a staging that fuses different dance styles, from neoclassical ballet to contemporary and urban dance. Merina was created, directed and produced by Oteyza, with costumes by Oteyza, choreography by Antonio Najarro and music by Tagore González. A final brooch of workshop in which all the theory learned during the day became internship.