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A workshop will deepen the legal and financial study of the economic agreement with the State.

This session is part of classroom of Foral Law, promoted by a partnership agreement between the Government of Navarra and the University of Navarra.

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Councilor Morrás, on the left, and Noval, on the right, after signing the partnership agreement. PHOTO: Courtesy
27/05/14 16:50

This Thursday, May 29th, a conference will be held in Pamplona, Spain. workshop which will examine in depth the legal and financial study of the agreement Economic of Navarre with the State, an instrument that regulates the financial autonomy of the Comunidad Foral within Spain.

This training session is part of the classroom of Foral Law that the Government of Navarre and the University of Navarre promote at partnership goal to promote the study, knowledge and research of Navarrese Law. This cooperation has recently been renewed with the signature of a agreement between the Counselor of Presidency, Justice and Interior, Javier Morrás, and the Dean of the School of Law of this university, Jorge Noval.

The study workshop will be held from 5 to 7.30 p.m. at classroom M1 of Amigos Building of the University of Navarra. The Director General of Economic and Business Policy, Mª Jesús Valdemoros, and the Full Professor of Financial and Tax Law, Eugenio Simón, will intervene.

The attendance is free of charge, prior registration by e-mail to before May 28th. Both specialists in Navarre Law and students of the School Law School, public employees or interested professionals can participate.

Nearly one thousand participants in classroom of Foral Law

The classroom de Derecho Foral is conceived as a space for the study and update of Navarre Law and a forum for discussion on possible reforms or legislative initiatives. This project of training arose in 2007 in the framework of a agreement of partnership between the department of Presidency, Justice and Interior and the University of Navarra.

Since then, the classroom de Derecho Foral has held 13 study sessions at conference in which nearly a thousand people have participated. Among other topics, the main novelties in Administrative Law and taxation, the reforms of the regional law Nuevo or the legislative repercussions of historical events such as the conquest and subsequent incorporation of Navarre to the Crown of Castile or the promulgation of the Constitution of Cadiz have been discussed.