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training humanistic programme with the Business School of the University of Piura

New initiative of high school business and Humanism for the training of managers.

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IEH professor Jaume Aurell, during one of the sessions of the Program. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
30/11/17 13:22 Eduardo Herrera

The first Program at Humanities for Managers of the high school business and Humanism welcomed 22 entrepreneurs and managers studying for the Master's Degree in Organizational Governance offered by the School of Business of the University of Piura, in Lima Peru, from October 23 to 27, 2017, at the University's PamplonaCampus .

The Program offers an intensive week of humanistic training for men from business, and seeks to respond to the need that these professionals currently have to broaden their vision of business organizations, highlighting their social and human dimensions, at a time when their economic and mercantile nature is not sufficient to give meaning and orientation to their functioning in the markets and in society.

The training received by the participants in the Program aims to delve into the challenges arising from this reality, from a management perspective, drawing on disciplines such as history, sociology and ethics. The aim is to reflect in depth on the value of the person and his or her importance in the development of business activity . The Program seeks to complement the traditional training in managerial skills and competencies offered by the business world, with a humanistic vision that serves to propose new forms and keys to action in business management.

In this first edition, in addition to participating in activities at subject social and cultural, the Program participants worked in sessions and activities organized around three modules (Sociology, Ethics and Organizations, and Social and Economic History). The Program's academic staff was composed of Institute professors specialized in these fields: Alejandro Navas, professor of Sociology and Public Opinion; Jaume Aurell and Agustín González Enciso, professors of History and Economic History, respectively; and David Thunder, researcher of Institute for Culture and Society.