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Opening of the 16th edition of Master's Degree in Organisational Governance and Culture

This year the Master's Degree has 16 new students from Latin America and Africa.

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PHOTO: Manuel Castells
19/09/18 17:22 Leire Uribeetxebarria

Last Wednesday, September 19, took place the Opening Ceremony of a new edition of the MGCO, which this year will have 16 new students from Latin America and Africa. Master's Degree in Governance and Culture of Organizations (MGCO)This year there will be 16 new students from Latin America and Africa. For the first time since its inception, the Master's Degree starts in September, and at this moment the students of the new promotion coincide in Pamplona with those who started their programs of study in January 2018, who are concluding their Final Projects Master's Degree.

In the opening session, the Director from high school business and Humanism Jaume Aurell, welcomed the students, and explained the attractive and peculiar nature of Master's Degree, a interdisciplinary program (with contents of Philosophy, politics, Economics, business, law, communication) that tries to offer a deep humanistic training for people interested in the theoretical and practical dimensions of government activities.

For her part, Montserrat Herrero, professor of Philosophy Politics and the most veteran professor of Master's Degree, stressed the importance that this subject of training has today, for its ability to provide a new look at the problems facing society, reflecting in depth on how to ask the right questions and how to try to answer them through a deep understanding that takes into account the multidimensionality and multidisplinarity of these problems. Finally, the Deputy Director of high school business and Humanism, Eduardo Herrera, encouraged the students to make the most of their stay at the University of Navarra, not only by dedicating time and study to Master's Degree, but also by enjoying the multitude of Cultural Activities Office, academic, social, etc. offered at campus.

The opening ceremony was attended, in addition to a good issue of professors of the Master's Degree, the Associate Dean of research of the School of Economics and Business Administration Pedro Mendi, and Professor Alejandro Ruelas Gossi, from the University of Miami, who has joined the Academic committee of high school and the faculty of School of Economics.