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Mariano Vilallonga: "Complexity and delicacy, the characteristics that describe the management of Talent".

The high school business and Humanism addressed the management of talent and the development organizational workshop with the participation of executives from BBVA, IBM, MindValue, GesDirección and the University of Navarra.

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13/10/20 11:34

"Talent falls on the whole person, with his or her skills and abilities, and that is why it is complex, the most delicate thing is dealing with the other person". With these words, Vilallonga summarized what management Talent is for him, in a workshop organized by the high school business and Humanism of the School of Economics of the University of Navarra. The GesDirección executive reminded us that people are "constantly interacting with others", which means that we are surrounded by talent.

The core of the management is found, according to Vilallonga, author of "management of Talent and development Organizational".The core of assessment and development, because the first thing an organization has to think about is to be fair and equitable. Therefore, there must be proportionality between the contribution of value made by the individual and what he or she receives in return. But it is not enough for the organization to be fair; it must also "allow talent to flow" so that each person contributes the best of him or herself.

"The main difference between a good professional and an excellent professional is to work the development professional and also the staff", he said. For him, the two variables must work collaboratively to find the ideal work status in which work and enjoyment go hand in hand.

The entrepreneur also mentioned the importance of efficiently building the organization's talent map, which involves having a complete view of how talent is distributed at business and which constitutes a "fundamental piece" for the subsequent management .

Finally, he pointed out the centrifugal sense that should direct the development of work, in which "the best is put at the service of others and never the other way around", taking the energy of others in a centripetal way.

Also participating in the meeting, moderated by the president of high school business y Humanismo, Ricardo Martí Fluxá, were Ricardo Forcano, who spoke about the transformation in which BBVA has been immersed for twelve years; Isabel Gómez, who presented diversity as an element core topic to direct the management of talent thanks to her international experience at IBM; and Javier Fernández Aguado, partner director of MindValue, who wanted to highlight the importance of looking to the future and considering the two dimensions surrounding talent, the professional and the staff. The event, which took place at the headquarters of postgraduate program of the University of Navarra in Madrid, was led by Iñaki Vélaz, manager business of high school business and Humanism.