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The Science Museum of the University of Navarra will celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science with activities for all audiences.

In February, the scientific institution has organised an exhibition, a film forum and a roundtable with researchers from the University.

/exhibition "Women in Science" on the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

02 | 02 | 2022

The Science Museum of the University of Navarra, in collaboration with the Civivox network, has organised activities in February for all audiences to commemorate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11 February).

The activities organised by the scientific institution are free of charge and will begin at the beginning of the month with an exhibition entitled "Women in science", sample which narrates the biography of women scientists who are relevant in their field but unknown to the general public. The exhibition will remain at Civivox Iturrama (C/Esquiroz 24, Pamplona) until Saturday 26 February.


The Science Museum will also be showing the film"My Love Affair With the Brain: The Life and Science of Dr. Marian Diamond" on Thursday 10th February (Civivox Iturrama, 19:00), the winning production in the 1st edition of the #LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival. This film, a 57-minute American production from 2017, narrates the difficulties and achievements of neuroscientist Mariand Diamond, discoverer of brain plasticity.

On 11 February, International Day of Women and Girls in Science, the roundtable on"Research and talent, the role of women" will be held at 19:00 in Civivox Iturrama. The researchers from the University of Navarra Ujué Moreno (department of Biochemistry and Genetics of the School of Sciences), María Blanco (department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Chemistry of the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition) and Marta Alonso (Solid Tumours Programme. Centre for Applied Medical Research), will talk about the past, present and future of women in science, the role of women in the development of talent, and the service of science to society.

This cycle will be complemented with a family show in Basque "Piztu! Emakumeon energia" programmed by the Civivox network on Saturday 12 February (18:00, Civivox Iturrama) and priced at €3 per person.

Although the entrance to the activities is free, it is necessary to register in advance, in person at any Civivox centre, online( or or by phone at 010.


Women in Science, a project that aims to awaken scientific vocations.

For several years, the Science Museum of the University of Navarra has been developing a website project that shows the presence of women in the history of science and highlights their contributions. The goal of this work is to bring science closer to girls and young women, to provide them with female references and to awaken scientific vocations.  

Among the most outstanding actions is the exhibition "Women in Science", which aims to make visible, in a pleasant and accessible way, the lives of some of the women scientists whose contributions have been relevant for Science, such as Marie Curie, Lynn Margulis, María Mitchell or Margarita Salas, among many others.

Another of the initiatives developed in this framework is the series of videos "Women in Science", which narrates the biography of relevant women scientists in different branches of science, in the format subject comic and with a simple, agile, brief and rigorous narration.

This project, led by the Science Museum of the University of Navarra, has the collaboration of the group Women for Science and Technology of the academic institution and the financial aid of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT)/Ministry of Science and Innovation.