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"The scientific rigor provided by E-MENU has allowed me to enhance my knowledge and apply it to my professional work."

/Patricia Álvarez

06 | 02 | 2024

After studying the Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Navarra, Patricia Álvarez decided to take the EuropeanMaster's Degree in Food, Nutrition and Metabolism to broaden her knowledge in the field of nutrition. "I opted for this program after my internship experience at a research center during the Degree and, honestly, I am more than satisfied with my choice because I did not want to limit myself to a specific area , since, at that time, I was not clear about which branch of nutrition I wanted to dedicate myself to."

She assures that the Master's Degree gave her the opportunity to acquire solid scientific knowledge and tools to always keep herself updated in the field of nutrition, allowing her to apply that knowledge in various areas of her current work space at Arandovo, a start-up of group Calidad-Pascual. "We are dedicated to working with MKARE® eggshell membrane, whose unique composition makes it suitable for use in dietary supplements focused on nutricosmetics, healthy aging, sports nutrition and even animal nutrition," she explains. 

Before this Master's Degree -she assures-, her knowledge about supplements was focused on recommendation and not so much on reformulation. "Thanks to E-MENU and the scientific rigor it provides, I have been fortunate enough to enhance my knowledge and relate it to what constitutes my current professional work."

Thus, his work is based on approaching pharmaceutical or supplement companies with a reformulation of their products using MKARE® and solving technical doubts about the mechanisms of action of the membrane. In addition, thanks to the experience acquired in the work Fin de Master's Degree (TFM) in projects of research, he collaborates with the team of research and development in the elaboration of new scientific programs of study that support the benefits of this ingredient, as well as in the creation of scientific material such as articles and technical sales support documents. 

"In addition to the solid training I received at Master's Degree, our graduating class was characterized by an excellent relationship staff, which was a real privilege. Today, more than a year after graduating, we are still like a family. Added to that is the added value of personalized attention, the professionalism and proximity of the professors of the School Pharmacy and Nutrition, and their constant willingness to help us in whatever we needed, not only during the Master's Degree, but also nowadays".