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23,571 kilometers of illusion

PhotoSchool of Pharmacy and Nutrition
/Roberto Cabezas, director de development of the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition

16 | 05 | 2024

Is the university ready to train the most prepared generation in history, or is this generation ready for university programs of study ? A complex answer, to be sure. This generation that is about to enter college or is taking their college programs of study prefers a more experiential Education , internship, with jobs at group and digital media, as they do not understand their life without technology. But also with purpose to answer the most important and fundamental questions, what drives them, what are they passionate about, what excites them? Knowing that professional success is not brought by Amazon in 24 hours at home, but is the result of a work and a previously designed plan.

Roberto Cabezas, director of development of the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition of the University of Navarra, toured Argentina and Chile, giving lectures to young students from schools and universities about the future of employment and the importance of choosing a good academic training , which prepares and offers tools and opportunities to young students for their leap into the professional world.

"This trip is part of the plan of internationalization of the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition, to publicize and grow the School, take better advantage of globalization opportunities and create and build synergistic bridges with leading institutions and international universities of reference letter", said Roberto Cabezas.

Five key messages

1.- What moves our youth, what excites them, what are they passionate about? It is essential to live life, staff and professionally, with purpose transcendent. It is important what to study, but almost more important is where.

Take your lives by the horns and do with it what each one of you wants, not what life leaves you with.

Illuminating is not the same as shining. To shine has to do with the ego, and to illuminate with generosity and service.

4.- Young students do not want to go to the best business in the world, they want to go to the best business for the world.

5.- The steps are not important, nor the speed of them. What is important are the footprints that are final our bequest to build a fairer, more humane and better world.

Some data

→ 23,571 kilometers traveled

→ Two countries, three cities

→ More than 200 students from Degrees from different colleges of reference letter and more than 150 university students from leading academic centers.

→ 8 hours of lectures on the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition, the future of employment, the management of talent, imperfect leadership and employability.