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Three researchers from the University, in the congress International Aesthetics of the Jagellonian University

School teacher María Antonia Frías was one of the participants.

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María Antonia Frías. PHOTO: Courtesy
06/11/13 14:21 Alberto Bonilla

The Jagiellonian University in Krakow (Poland) hosted the 19th ICA, International Congress of Aesthetics, organized by the Polish Society of Aesthetics and the International Association for Aesthetics (IAA). Precisely, one hundred years after the first one held in Berlin in 1913, organized by this international association . The next one, following the globalization and periodization that has governed the last congresses since 2001, will be held in 2016 in Seoul.

Krakow, a beautiful and cultured city if ever there was one, has witnessed a global exchange of knowledge concerning topic Aesthetics in Action, contemplating changes, transformations and influences in all human, personal and social fields. From the traditional ones concerning the Philosophy and art, to the scientific, technological and cultural, including natural and human sciences, architecture, urbanism and landscape, the Economics, fashion and everyday life, from the most material (the body) to the most spiritual of man.

We have long been aware that art is not as autonomous as it used to be, especially since the irruption of new technologies, which have blurred boundaries with what is not, or was not, art -further blurring the existing differences within the arts themselves-; and we are also aware that in all spheres of life the aesthetic is increasingly present, sometimes to the detriment of the rational. The approximately 500 papers from philosophers, art theorists, visual artists or artists of audiovisual media and bio-artists, musicians, writers, architects and a wide range of others, with an abundant oriental presence (the previous congress was in Beijing), have reflected on this phenomenon, seeking to draw experiences that, by adding particular contributions, can enrich the common approaches.

From the University of Navarra, professors Rosa Fernández Urtasun (Literature): Visual Poetry: Text, Images and New Technologies, and María Antonia Frías (Architecture): Cultural Focus in Action, and doctoral student Evgenia Kuzmina: Transgression of Ancient Heritage in the Work of Marc Chagall; collaborators in the interdisciplinary Chair of Aesthetics and Contemporary Art Félix Huarte, directed by professor Álvaro de la Rica. Open to the experimentation carried out in these fields, their contributions reaffirm aesthetics as a philosophical reflection on the values present in all those areas (without forgetting the effectiveness of the prestigious beauty) that enrich man and encourage sociability with new expressions that translate into forms of mutual action and reaction.