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Back to “Lo importante en el arte es saber ver con los ojos del alma”, afirma la escultora y pintora Hortensia Núñez Ladevéze

"The important thing in art is to know how to see with the eyes of the soul," says sculptor and painter Hortensia Núñez Ladevéze.

The School of Architecture of the University of Navarra hosted the presentation of the book that collects the artist's work.

21/04/10 14:42
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From left to right, Juan José Aquerreta, Inmaculada Jiménez, Francisco Javier Zubiaur and Hortensia Núñez, looking at one of the author's sculptures. PHOTO: Manuel Castells

"The important thing in art is to know how to see with the eyes of the soul". This was stated by the Madrid artist Hortensia Núñez Ladevéze during the presentation of the book Hortensia Núñez Ladevéze. Forma y color, which took place at the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra. The volume, edited by Luis Núñez Ladevéze and published by Eunsa, gathers for the first time the work and career of this sculptor and painter, whose works can be seen in contemporary art museums around the world.

"Many times what is 'not understood' has a stronger value than what is perfectly understood. This happens, for example, with a sunset and the act of turning off a light bulb," said the artist. "The important thing about this book is that all the works it contains and everything that is written is understood in an aesthetic way," she added.

For his part, the Navarre painter Juan José Aquerreta, who participated in the presentation, explained the following: "During the 20th century, we artists have been caught up in a maelstrom of communication and interpretation of images from which we have tried to escape through our own particular abstraction. Today, we are grateful for an art that fills us with as much spirituality as that of Hortensia Núñez Ladevéze".

Unpublished works and texts

The volume contains, along with valuable comments by the artist herself on her work, conversations with friends and critics, texts by experts and professional colleagues, as well as extensive photographic and bibliographic material that highlights the relevance of Hortensia Núñez Ladevéze, one of the few Spanish sculptors to appear in the art catalogs of her time.

The book also includes unpublished texts about the artist; testimonies of her artistic friends, including José Hierro -who wrote the first review of one of her sculptures- Eusebio Sempere, Fernando Zóbel, Juan de la Rica or José Anzo; or details about her relationship with people such as Venancio Blanco, Figuerola-Ferretti, Leopoldo Gil-Nebot or Luis Borobio.

Also participating in the event were Francisco Javier Zubiaur, professor at department of Art History at the University of Navarra, who stated that "the plastic work of this artist is fully imbued with the concepts of our time"; and Inmaculada Jiménez Caballero, professor at School of Architecture of the academic center, who described her creations as "authentic, moved by a force that is born from within with the will to radiate outwardly".

Remarks by Professor Inmaculada Jiménez Caballero during the presentation

Words by Francisco Javier Zubiaur, professor at department of Art History