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"Line and stain: urban scenes of Pamplona" is the exhibition of the alumni and PhD student in Architecture Xabier Goñi Castañón.

Curated by María Díaz Banet, it opens on September 13 and will remain open until November 13 at La Gardabera.

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11/09/20 12:16 Laura Juampérez

Xabier Goñi Castañón -architect graduate by the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra, researcher PhD student of its department of Theory, Projects and Urbanism and Adjunct Professor- will inaugurate, next Sunday, September 13, the exhibition "Line and stain: urban scenes of Pamplona", in the local La Gardabera, in Pamplona and whose theme focuses on the most characteristic architectures raised in the twentieth century in the capital of Navarra.

According to him, this exhibition "was born from the challenge that was the invitation of my curator of exhibition, María Díaz Banet, who worked until now at the Museo Universidad de Navarra, where last year she organized a pathway of Cultural Activities Office in the Gardabera premises, where they bet on giving visibility to a younger public with diverse artistic concerns". "With this context", she continues, "we focus on our beloved city, Pamplona, as a farewell, since María is moving to Madrid".  

In addition, and as Xabier's research activity focuses on the drawing of architecture in Spain during the twentieth century -which has led him to visit numerous architectural archives both nationally and internationally- he felt "obliged to make a small tour of the most characteristic architectures and styles of the twentieth century in our city, safeguarded in the archives that I frequently consult for my doctoral thesis ". 

On the other hand, this sample "represents an attempt to vindicate the importance of fast architectural drawing or urban sketching, for which architects trained in our school may have a natural facility (he himself has prepared the drawings of the exhibition in a week and average time)". "He also exhibits the landscapes and scenes we have longed for the most during confinement," adds the researcher.

Finally, Xabier Goñi considers it fair "to make reference letter that this exhibition comes to complement similar experiences initiated in Algeria by the hand of my co-director of thesis , Inmaculada Jiménez Caballero", currently director of the Cervantes Institute in Oran.

exhibition "Line and stain: urban scenes of Pamplona".