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Back to 20030404Koldo Fernández, ganador del I Certamen de expresión artística 'Expresarte' de la Universidad de Navarra

Koldo Fernández, winner of the University's I competition of artistic expression "Expresarte".

He received his award from the painter and sculptor Pedro Chillida.

04/04/03 19:47

Koldo Fernández Gaztelu (5th year Architecture) was the winner of the I competition of artistic expression'Expresarte', organized by students of the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra. His work, "Black Hole", won the first prize award, consisting of a lithograph by Joan Miró. In addition, Jara Gómez Ciprián (4th year Architecture) and Beatriz Martínez Fernández (4th year Architecture), with "Tell me where you live and I'll tell you who you are"; Elena Sánchez (BA in Audiovisual Communication) and Jokiñe Crespo Garbisu (4th year Architecture), with "Sunday morning"; and Roberto Bazán López (4th year Architecture), with "Sunday morning"; and Roberto Bazán López (4th year Architecture) and Leticia Jiménez Madera (4th year Architecture), with "Proporción, ocupación, forma", won the three runners-up prizes (one scanner and two lots of books).

Pedro Chillida attended the awards ceremony submission , and also held a talk with the students of the University of Navarra, to whom he advised that "the only way to continue in art is to never be the same: one progresses by being different, being able to give answers to the new issues that arise".

Furthermore, when asked if an artist should be involved in the social problems that surround him, Pedro Chillida explained that "art is part of everything else. What happens around us conditions us, and that is reflected in the works. The general aspect of the world we receive affects us permanently and we have to respond to it".



Inhabiting' in 150 pieces

Fifty works competed in the competition , all of them created around the concept of 'Habitar'. According to Carlos Díaz, one of the student organizers, "the basic idea was to create, relating 'Habitar' with the words core topic 'space', 'light' and 'modernity', a joint program between students from different careers, so that they could generate artistic works with different plastic resources. Now our goal is that 'Expresarte' can be consolidated in future editions".

More than 150 pieces could be seen at exhibition (not all of them had been submitted to the competition): 20 made by university students of the School of Architecture, 106 photographs by the Photojournalism students of the School Communication, two short films and a projection shot by Architecture students and 24 dossiers that explained development of the rest of the creations presented to the competition.

The most peculiar thing was the way in which the creations were evaluated. "We wanted to achieve an environment that would envelop this moment, with background music and visual elements that would contribute to create the right atmosphere, such as dyeing the Sciences Building Sociales with colors, giving color to the spotlights that illuminate it," added student Borja Aróstegui. In addition, the university's group Gabot performed an experimental play, with only a concrete backdrop, a chair and two spotlights as the stage.

The jury was formed by Francisco Javier Zubiaur (professor at School of Philosophy and Letters), Jorge Latorre (professor at School of Communication), Mª Antonia Frías (professor at the School of Architecture) and Efrén Munárriz (architect and professor at the School). The competition was supported by the Cultural Activities Office and Social Service (SACYS) of the University of Navarre and the high school Mayor Belagua, in partnership with Caja de Ahorros de Navarra, DooArts, the group Troa, Pinturas Iturrama and Copia.