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''I admire architecture because it brings something special compared to other art languages: its immediate usefulness for human life''.

The artist Antonio López stars in the Drawing Day at the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra.

26/01/12 15:39

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"I admire architecture because it possesses something special that other languages of art do not contribute: its immediate usefulness for the life of man." The artist Antonio López made these statements at the University of Navarra on the occasion of Drawing Day, organized by the School of Architecture.

The painter and sculptor acknowledged that he has coexisted with architectural forms permanently, as he has spent "average life portraying cities", so he feels very linked to this discipline."When you admire with emotion a work of architecture, you perceive that it arises from the same sensitive place of man as the other arts, as a need and possibility to create beauty, something that improves life," he stressed.

During the workshop, López gave a session on the human figure for the students of the subject Análisis de Formas, which takes place every Thursday in a workshop format. The students of the School of Architecture then drew in the workshops and in the corridors of the building, while Antonio Lopez toured the facilities and exchanged impressions with them.

Of the experience, he said he felt "better than at home", especially for the opportunity to be surrounded by so many young people. Regarding the drawings he has observed, he pointed out that, regardless of their quality, he has really enjoyed seeing how they are made:"In all of them I have seen something 'sacred': the purity of a person who is starting out. In the professionalized world there is so much lying, so much error and imposture that it is a marvel to see something starting out."

Personalities from the world of culture
For his part, Mariano González Presencio, director of the School of Architecture, pointed out that the Drawing Day at the campus in Pamplona "has been a day of celebration for the profession". He also recalled that the presence of Antonio Lopez "was a commitment he had made to the School, which proposed him as honorary doctor of the University of Navarra. Due to health problems he could not fulfill it in October, but true to his word, today we have been able to celebrate it".

The academic workshop was attended by personalities from the world of culture, such as architects and artists Fernando Redón and Luis Berges, and representatives of Navarre's art museums.

Finally, at 7 p.m., Antonio López gave a talk at lecture "La mirada del artista: realidad y anhelo" (The artist's gaze: reality and longing) at Sciences Building Sociales. The activity was organized by the School of Architecture, the School of Communication, Cultural Activities Office and Foro Universidad de Navarra (Forun).

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