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The University of Navarra launches the online Diploma of Philosophy, Science and Religion

It is aimed at professionals in the scientific and humanistic fields, teachers and other interested parties.

07/05/18 09:45 Maria M. Orbegozo

The high school Superior of Religious Sciences (ISCR) has launched the new onlineDiploma of Philosophy, Science and Religion, a degree scroll own of the University of Navarra that will begin to be taught in October 2018.

These programs of study will allow the acquisition of an orderly knowledge of the essential contents of the Philosophy and of the History of the Philosophy, with a Christian perspective. Current topics on science, reason and faith are especially addressed. The Diploma is addressed to professionals, both in the scientific and humanistic fields, to teachers and to all those interested in deepening their understanding of the great questions posed by science and the Philosophy, the profound vision of the world and the ultimate meaning of the human being.

With a continuous assessment system based on activities such as tests and video classes, the Diploma of Philosophy, Science and Religion comprises twelve subjects totaling 39 ECTS credit. Its online nature allows for flexible study and work . The admissions period will run until June 15 and the deadline for enrollment will remain open until July 4.

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