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"Digitization and automation processes are fundamental in Logistics to minimize error."

Congelados de Navarra, position Services and Bodegas Marqués de Riscal participate in the 'International Trade & Logistics' Sectorial conference organized by ISSA School of Applied Management.

FotoCedida/Fromleft to right, Andoni Huete, Raúl Torán, Janire Enériz and Cristina Lecumberri, from Congelados de Navarra, together with the attendees of the lecture

09 | 11 | 2023

"Digitalization and automation processes are essential in logistics to minimize errors". This was stated by Raúl Torán, Supply Chain Director of Congelados de Navarra, at the lecture given at ISSA School of Applied Management on the occasion of the Sectorial conference 'International Trade & Logistics'.

In addition to Torán, up to six specialists in this area shared with the students the day to day of their profession, the challenges they are currently facing in the International Trade and Logistics sector and some obstacles they have had to overcome in recent years such as Brexit, the pandemic, inflation or the recent wars in Europe and the Middle East. 

Held between October 30 and November 2, the sessions were attended by more than a hundred students. In the words of Antonio María Fernández, director of development of the academic center, "these conferences aim to bring the students closer to the real dimension of different sectors to which the students of Degree in management can dedicate themselves professionally". 

The design program has counted with the academic committee of Cristina Lacave, consultant and trainer in International Trade and professor of management Business VII (International Trade & Logistics) in the Degree in management Applied.

Iñigo Ochoa, director from position Services (Pamplona)

Iñigo OchoaOchoa, director of position Services Pamplona, was in charge of inaugurating the sectorial conference with a session in which he detailed the relevance and characteristics of the figure of the freight forwarder, as well as the tasks he is in charge of. Ochoa, who has more than 20 years of experience in the sector, explained that these professionals are "an intermediary between the exporter, the importer and the transport companies", indispensable for the products to reach their destination, because their work focuses on finding the best alternatives for the client and facilitates "the process, gives it meaning and links it coherently and without failures".

In his exhibition he presented to the students a real case of a maritime shipment carried out by the business position Services to lead the students step by step in the development of such operation and that they knew in a internship way his work. 

Raúl Torán, Supply Chain Director de Congelados de Navarra

Accompanied by Janire Enériz y Andoni Huetetwo of the members of the International Trade and Logistics team of Congelados de Navarra, Raúl ToránSupply Chain Director of the company, highlighted in his exhibition the importance of keeping technology up to date: "Digitalization and automation processes are fundamental in Logistics to minimize errors and keep up with the accelerated pace of technological innovation, as is the case with the incorporation of artificial intelligence".

For Congelados de Navarra, which has one of the largest warehouses in Europe, it is essential to take care of staff and the planet. In this sense, Torán expressed that training and employee motivation is essential for business, as well as preserving the environment. Thanks to these principles, Congelados de Navarra became the first food company to achieve the management CSR System Certification aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals development . 

Established as one of the European leaders in the manufacture and marketing of frozen vegetables and solutions, Torán wanted to highlight the international vocation of business, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2023: "From its origins, Congelados de Navarra is a business with exporting ambitions". Currently, 70% of production is exported to more than 70 countries.

Beatriz Barrero, manager Logistics at Bodegas Marqués de Riscal

Beatriz Barrero has been working at Bodegas Marqués de Riscal for more than a decade. During his lecture he described the evolution of business, from its beginnings until today, when it is present in 110 countries and exports 65% of its production. Among other reasons, Barrero pointed out that part of the success of signature can be attributed to the high quality standards they boast, both in the product and in the processes, and stressed the importance of innovation: "If you don't innovate, you are left behind and skill is fierce", said the logistics manager .

During his speech, he described his sector as a world that never ceases to "surprise" him. In this regard, he cited how external elements such as international conflicts or naval accidents occurring thousands of kilometers away directly affect his work.

He also reminded the students that it is essential "to get involved, to keep the desire to keep learning because they will not stop learning in this sector, as it is very changeable". Before this challenge, he offered them a committee: "Keep a cool and structured head to solve problems, know well your area, your responsibilities, do not stop asking questions and review".