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A partner of the ICS reviews current issues on politics and religion in an interview in "Religión en Libertad".

Jerónimo Molina, expert in political realism, collaborates as researcher in the project "Religion and Civil Society".

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Jerónimo Molina. PHOTO: Courtesy

The digital media 'Religion in Freedom' has published an interview to Jerónimo Molina, professor of the School of development Social of the University of Murcia and partner of the project 'Religion and Civil Society'. In it, the expert reviews some current issues surrounding the relationship between religion and politics.
Professor Molina holds a PhD in Law and Senior Associate Professor of Social Policy at the University of Murcia. He is one of the few scholars in Spain of political realism. Several of his works have focused on authors belonging to this school of thought. Among them are Against the myth Carl Schmitt (2014), Raymond Aron, political realist (2013), Röpke (2007) and Julien Freund, the political and politics (2000).

The interview: "That a depraved institution like the UN reconvene the Pope is a tribute to the Church".

Jerónimo Molina's blog: